SICTIC Angel Club yields successful results


SICTIC is a business angel club aimed at uniting ICT start-ups with investors. This year the club has seen significant growth in all its activities. The number of SICTIC member grew to 171. They have invested in 17 start-ups that raised a total volume of CHF 20.1 million. Eight exits were registered.


The Swiss ICT Investor Club (SICTIC) is a non-profit business angel club comprising of more than 100 members. Every year, SICTIC organises various events including angel trainings and Investor days to bring together early and later stage technology based startups seeking financing with investors. Startups have the chance to pitch before the audience at various events around Switzerland.

The clubs efforts have this year reaped fruitful results: The number of SICTIC Angels rose from 99 to 171. The club has seen significant growth in the number of participation in their different programs. For instance, with 110% increase, 650 registrations for the angel training programs, there was an increase of 42% in angel training sessions. Additionally, 15 events (60% more than the previous year) have been organised in Zürich, Baar, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano and in Schaan, Liechtenstein. More than 40% additional startups could also pitch at the events this year.

Startup investments
Startups that pitch at one of the SICTIC events have an increased chance of receiving funds. This year 8 out of 12 fintech startups that pitched at the Swiss Fintech Investor Day 2016 received investments. In total, at least 31 start-ups who pitched at a SICTIC event attracted investors. 25 of those 31 disclosed the invested amount. In total these 25 start-ups raised CHF44.6 million. The amount includes the two ICOs of Modum and Swissborg.

Overall in 2017, members of the SICTIC community have invested in at least 17 startups out of which 15 are startups from the fintech sector including Blockchain. At least one SICTIC Angel investors was involved in one of the rounds. A total of CHF 20.1 million was raised in 16 rounds. One company did not disclose the invested amount.

The 17 startups include: Apiax AG, BEAT Fitness SA, Daedalean, Diamond Digital AG, Farmy, Fotokite (by Perspective Robotics AG), Komed Health, Nezasa, Procsea, (by SIRLOIN AG), SONECT, Tradeplus24, Veezoo, Weavr, Wine & Gourmet Digital AG, Xoop and

Given that members of SICTIC are not obliged to report their participation in startup financing rounds, it is possible that there are more than 17 deals that have been made but not disclosed to SICTIC.

Five exits in 2017
SICTIC has existed one of its portfolio companiesContovista. In addition, some  of the startups that pitched at SICTIC events in the past announced their exit. These include; Adaptricity, TasteHit, GAIT UP, and Qumram

(RAN / SK)