SHS Booster Program 2021 cohort to explore South Korea

This year’s SHS Booster program brings three winners to South Korea to explore its Healthcare market and establish connections for further research and trials as a first step to penetrate the South Korean market. The seven finalists in the competition have been revealed and public voting to select the top five semifinalists is open until May 21, 23:59. 

The SHS Smarter HealthcareBooster Program in collaboration with the swissnex network provides startups with the opportunity to discover new markets as they prepare for internationalisation. The second edition brings startups to South Korea, which offers excellent testbed infrastructure for new innovative products and services onto the homogenous patient pool. Participants will explore the South Korean Healthcare market closely and establish connections for further research and trials as a first step to penetrate the South Korean market.

In the first selection round, the selection committee of the SHS Booster program nominated seven promising startups that qualified for the public voting. The audience is hereby invited to participate in the public voting. Every startup created an exclusive pitch video, explaining why they are the perfect candidate for the stay in South Korea and why an exchange with the local healthcare ecosystem is valuable for them. Following the audience voting, five companies will be identified to proceed to the finale.

The nominees with their campaign videos are:

Clever.Care AG – developed Clever.Care Coordinator, a communication platform that facilitates the exchange of information between Spitex, clients and their relatives. The startup leverages data access, data mining and AI for predictive, preventive, personalised and participatory care. Video

epha clinic – is a clinical decision support service for physicians and pharmacists. The service uses AI and algorithms to predict the risk and exposure in polypharmacy and computes possible drug alternatives based on patient factors.  Video

HoraceHealth – with its sensor band, the startup is developing a non-invasive wearable glucose monitoring system that allows users to trace their glucose level without physical intervention. Video

Inura Medical AG – is developing an innovative, patented drug-delivery platform. its technology offers a game-changing alternative treatment for overactive bladder (OAB) syndrome focusing on women. Video

Limula – its automated manufacturing platform enables the production of personalised cell therapy at scale, directly at the patient bedside. Video – offers highly individualised clinical nutrition and exercise plans, symptom monitoring, biomarker tracking, prompts for check-ups and specialist chats in one end-user app. Video

VAY – trains computers to perfectly perceive and predict human motion using just a regular camera allowing for developing products that are tailored to clients’ need. Video

Technological advancement in the south Korean healthcare cluster
South Korea's Smart Hospitals use the latest technology such as 5G network, artificial intelligence, robotics, IoT which enables the exchange of high definition medical images between departments in real-time thus remote consultations can occur if necessary. Telesurgeries have significantly reduced time lag by up to 100 times so the precision is reaching another level. Robots carry and deliver instruments so nosocomial infection risks are reduced. In addition to simply manipulating the facilities of the patient rooms such as curtains, windows, temperature and so on, patients in isolation ward can now welcome visitors via the virtual reality system.