Shopping list platform Bring! receives CHF 2.3 million


Over the past 18 months, the simple shopping list app of Bring! has developed into a comprehensive platform and has convinced investors to support the Swiss company. In addition to the existing investors, well-known new investors like Swisscom Ventures and Swiss Founders Fund have also participated in the ‘A’ Series.


Shopping list platform Bring! imports and stores recipes and ingredients, coordinates multi-person households’ shopping lists and finds suitable offers in catalogs. With Swisscom Ventures, a partner with extensive experience and network in the Swiss and global investment space joined. Other investors include Swiss Founders Fund and several business angels from

From the Shopping List App to the Shopping List Platform
“We are very proud of the work we have done together as a team. User and strategic partnership growth in Switzerland and Germany confirms our performance and relevance in the shopping ecosystem. We witness a great need for innovations in shopping experience,” says Marco Cerqui, Bring! co-founder and CEO. In Germany, Bring! has already partnered with well-known companies like kaufDA/ and some of the largest recipe websites. In Switzerland, Bring! is already working very successfully with partners like Betty Bossi, or Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

In addition, the Swiss company plans to connect the first online shop to the app in the next six months to allow users to do shopping directly from Bring!. Additional markets and localizations will be added within the next months that will support the expansion. The shopping list platform has the ambition to use the money to further expand its leading position in Europe over the next 18 months. In addition to user base scaling, more partners are planned to be integrated.

New investors joining
In addition to the existing investors, well-known new investors like Swisscom Ventures and Swiss Founders Fund have also participated in ‘A’ Series. “Grocery shopping is one of those activities that most of us do on a very regular basis and seeing how quickly Bring! has become part of that process in many people’s lives really caught our attention. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, the Bring! mobile app is already a frequently used companion of many grocery shoppers for noting down their purchase intentions, which naturally creates a range of future business opportunities for Bring!. We are very excited to have the opportunity to explore these opportunities together with Bring! and support in the next growth phase,” added Pär Lange, Swisscom Ventures Investment Director. Christian Mischler from Swiss Founders Fund also sees great growth potential on the user’s side: “We have been convinced by Bring!'s stickiness and the strong founding team. The app is used by millions of users across Europe and the team is delivering exceptional work”.

Shopping Assistant based on AI
Bring! founders are very pleased with such a quick and successful round of funding. “We have managed to attract the capital needed and get the right partners on board in a very short time. Not only does it confirm our vision but also allows us to focus on maintaining further development of Bring!,” says Cerqui. In addition to the integration of new partners into Bring! shopping ecosystem, Bring! works on a shopping assistant based on AI. “For many people, shopping arrangements are still an annoying task. Our vision is to provide all our users with a personal assistant to help them with menu planning, shopping arrangements, and in-store and online shopping,” added Dominic Mehr, Bring! co-founder and CCO. Besides that Bring! will further expand its business cooperations with the leading FMCG and Retailers in Europe. 

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Picture: Bring! founders: Marco Cerqui, Dominic Mehr, Sandro Strebel.