Sherpany expands to five European countries

Sherpany, a Zurich based startup providing digital boardroom solutions to some of Europe’s largest companies, announced that it is expanding its reach to several European countries, including Germany, France, Italy, Sweden and the UK. The company has grown to become one of Switzerland’s fastest growing startups as interest from clients continues to grow.

Sherpany is a B2B SaaS company that creates technological tools to transform decision-making skills in the boardroom. The goal is to facilitate more efficient decision-making at a lower time-cost for leadership teams of all sizes of companies. With an increased customer based and strong sales activities across several European countries, Sherpany is excited to announce strategic initiatives to foster its growth to better serve its customers.

“These countries have shown interest in the tools Sherpany offers, more specific to the user-friendliness of the applications and the continuation of releasing new features and enhancements. To further develop our activities in Europe was a logical next step”, says Tobias Häckermann, CEO Sherpany.

Technology, in particular, the applications that Sherpany, provides better ways to organize, examine and securely store or archive important information. This gives decision makers more ways to view and understand data, which will help them make more informed and better decisions.

Sherpany Boardroom is offered as both a mobile application and a web application. The web application is available only online, but it is updated automatically. The mobile applications do require a download from the respective App store and deliver offline capabilities. Tablets are recommended for use of this application, as they have access to both web and mobile applications, bridging capabilities of both. However, admins will need to use the web application, since it alone gives the user the capability to set up meetings, plan agendas and upload documents. Admins do have more control and viewing capabilities when using the web application, which will further help to keep meetings time efficient.

About Sherpany
Sherpany is the leading European provider of digital boardroom solutions delivering its service to some of Europe’s largest companies. With our platform, we transform decision-making of Boards to enable better decision making at a lower time-cost.

Sherpany’s main goal is to provide technology and tools for Directors that will help keep meetings and sessions and organized. This will help executive board as well as the board of directors to make decisions quickly in fast-paced environments, and help them keep up with the digital era. Boards often need to make quick decisions that depend on information delivered to them through a variety of means: through board books, from in-person meetings, and especially through online and offline channels within their networks. Sherpany believes that technology can assist and organize this information, making it accessible for every user with ease.

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