She Is Rebel: The next generation of fast fashion


In a world of fast fashion, clothes are cheaper, the quality continues to deteriorate while the lifespan is shorter. «She Is Rebel» has set the goal to change this: the startup introduced the next generation of fast-fashion by offering fashionable clothes without sacrificing price and the planet. After Zurich, the brand has recently hosted its first pop-up in Paris.


Based in Zurich, She Is Rebel is fashion brand founded by Melis Sawerschel, whose vision is to create the next generation of fast-fashion by taking advantage of the customer-responsive manufacturing model of fast-fashion and combining it with eco-friendly practices. Designed for women who stand out with their style and mind, and feel proud to be called ‘rebel’ when they pursue their beliefs, the brand empowers the female consumer with their flattering, sustainable yet affordable pieces – thanks to the direct collaboration with manufacturers and suppliers, as well as direct selling through its online- and in pop-up stores. “The traditional fashion model requires producing 4-6 times a year; we rebel against this and skip collections. We produce small amounts, analyze what works and produce more of it or launch new styles based on customer feedback – independent from the seasonal fashion calendar”, said Melis. In line with its goals, the company works with suppliers and manufacturers that support its vision and production model. Their partners are also required to apply and yield acceptable results from all physical, mechanical and chemical tests required by European Standards for fabrics and clothes. Bringing global plans to effectMelis envisions She Is Rebel in fashion capitals around the world. Following the successful launch of its pop-up store in Zurich in May 2019, the startup is now mingling with large fashion players in France. She Is Rebel has hosted their first pop-up store from June to July in Le Marais, the top shopping district of Paris, operated by two employees based in the region. The first Flagship store is planned to open in 2020. The company also serves customers worldwide with the majority originating from the US, Switzerland and France. As revealed to Startupticker, She Is Rebel has seen steady growth and development since the launch in 2017. The company’s core team has grown to four, organic sales are increasing and its social media presence is growing stronger. From banker to fashionistaMelis holds a bachelor’s degree in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering from Istanbul Technical University and a master’s degree in Management, Technology and Economics from ETH Zurich. Prior to founding, She Is Rebel, she led a corporate career journey at companies such as UBS, Credit Suisse where she held leading roles within digital, innovation, user experience and marketing projects. Today, Melis is focused on bringing her fashion startup to the next level.