Share.P wins Google as a customer and an UN-funded project

With Share.P’s integration, Google employees can now book parking spots, EV stations and also benefit from bike-sharing services in Switzerland and Poland. The Swiss IoT solutions provider for mobility is also helping to solve parking problems in Lviv, Ukraine. The United Nations and the Polish Aid project is anticipated to end in Q2 2023.

Founded in and of 2020, Share.P provides a plug-and-play parking facility management technology to optimise urban parking sustainably. With a free mobile app available in 6 languages, anyone can find and pre-book a parking space and EV charging point and open designated barriers or garage doors with their smartphone. By automating the rental process of off-street parking spots, Share.P brings significant financial savings to property owners, fosters the growth of EV charging infrastructure, and relieves urban neighbourhoods, eliminating unnecessary hunting for parking spots that are necessary to eliminate traffic.

Tech giant Google is leveraging the technology, joining the company’s growing customer base. As part of their commercial agreement, the startup will be responsible for parking management/EV station management and bike sharing for Google employees in Switzerland and Poland. “We have also built the bike sharing solution for google, based on their request. We deployed it in the apple and android stores in only 2.5 weeks from the idea. Now google employees can now book the parking spots, EV charging stations and bikes for days, weeks, and for entire weekends – the whole process is fully automatic and needs no human involvement”, explains Mateusz Wojdyło, CEO of Share.P.

"With ShareP we have less work managing our parking spaces and more of our employees have the flexibility to park at the office when they want to. Installation and setup was quick and easy and now both parking spot utilisation and revenue are up. We're now also planning to implement shared EV charging," says David Nasseri, Workplace Services Manager at Google Zurich.

UN funds Share.P to manage mobility in Lviv, Ukraine
Besides onboarding new customers, ShareP is engaged in a new project sponsored by the United Nations to optimise the shared parking system in Lviv, Ukraine. Since the war, several thousands of refugees have arrived in Lviv, resulting in three times more inhabitants. Moreover, since most refugees travel in private cars, the city has had challenges managing them. Share.P will support Lviv’s local offices to address the issue efficiently.

Possibility to deliver to the city valid data and guidance to drivers to off-street parking infrastructure is urgent. One of the project’s objectives is to optimise existing parking space by using the the startup’s technology. The project pilots the shared parking system in Lviv and provides governance and business models for scaling it up. It will enable owners of parking spaces (in residential and office buildings, shopping malls etc.) to share them with profit. The free mobile app will allow verified users to search for parking spaces, reserve them in advance, and open the barrier with a smartphone. It will enable building owners to provide shared EV charging infrastructure. A reliable reservation system can reduce cruising for parking and thus GHG emissions, air pollution and noise.

The cooperation under the patronage of the UN and the Polish Aid is planned until the end of Q2 2023 and can have a substantial impact on the quality of life in the city during the war and in the subsequent stabilisation phase. The project intends to eliminate the need to search for a parking space, reduce air pollution, and increase parkers’ safety and general quality of life in the city. Thanks to the proprietary technology, users with valid reservations can open barriers and garage doors with their smartphones, which unlocks the full potential of the existing parking and EV charging infrastructure.

“Thanks to funding from the Polish Challenge Fund, we will not only create additional EV charging stations, but we will also broaden the parking market in Lviv, make e-mobility more accessible and create an additional income for many residents”, says Maksym Terletsky, deputy director of the City Institute of Lviv.

(Ritah Ayebare Nyakato)