ShareP digitalises off-street parking places

Finding an available parking spot in cities is difficult, yet many areas are still under-utilized. Zurich based startup ShareP tackles this problem with digitized management tools for indoor parking spaces and a reservation system for all drivers. Since its launch in August 2021, the solution has been installed in 42 buildings, and more than 700 users have taken advantage of this service.

One of the biggest challenges for private vehicle users today is parking. It is almost impossible to find an available parking spot in cities like Zurich without “cruising for parking”. ShareP tackles this challenge. 

Indoor and underground parking areas are particularly under-used. In Zurich alone, more than 430’000 “off-street” parking spaces can be implemented in the ShareP ecosystem. Moreover, many real estate owners have the capacity that tenants cannot utilise within their buildings. For Mateusz Wojdylo, CVO (Chief Visionary Officer) and founder of ShareP, this was an opportunity to find a solution to help drivers of any car find available parking spaces quickly.

With his startup, ShareP, he developed a management tool consisting of an IoT hardware component and an admin panel for attaching to any real estate building. This new plug and play system digitalises the existing parking infrastructure, enabling real estate owners to rent out parking spaces and EV charging points in a fully automated, and individually adjustable way. A mobile app allows drivers to locate available parking places via App or google maps. Real estate owners on the other hand benefit from an additional revenue stream.

Launched in August 2020, ShareP has installed its modules on over 1000 off-street parking spaces. In the Zurich area, ShareP has recorded over 700 App downloads. With 14 B2B customers on board, the startup has attracted further collaborations with real estate company Hubmann Immobilien, Lang Energie, Swiss Proptech and others.

A parking solution for European cities
Moreover, the startup is present in other European cities. In Wroclaw, Poland, ShareP partnered with one of the largest shopping malls and parking operator Interparking, a Belgium-based provider of parking spots operating across Europe. The startup is also cooperating with the Polish City, creating an incentive for citizens who pay taxes in cities with a proven tax system that helps to reduce mobility traffic in cities.

Furthermore, the British embassy in Warsaw responsible for the CEE region selected ShareP as the best tech startup to attend the Commonwealth Scale-up Games in 2022 in the UK. As part of the initiative, the startup obtained funding and support to open an office in the UK, including financing that process. The new office will become the startup’s subsidiary.

With three co-founders and a team of eight, the startup is set to accelerate its growth in existing and new markets. This phase includes a large partnership agreement with an undisclosed company, which is currently being implemented and secures the onboarding of more customers – both building owners and end-users. While the startup is still bootstrapped, it seeks 5 million to scale in several European markets.