SHAREaLOOK to create a rental fashion hub in Zurich


The Swiss fashion rental start-up SHAREaLOOK has acquired Kleihd, fashion rental boutique to expand its rental fashion offering in Zurich. In September, the company will open the doors of its first store – a step that will further boost its growth.



Founded in September 2019 by Natalia Marassi and Pia-Maria Laux, SHAREaLOOK, a brand of Marlaux GmbH, is on a mission is to offer conscious consumers a sustainable, fun and affordable way to consume fashion while contributing to a circular fashion economy. Through the SHAREaLOOK platform, the start-up provides peer-to-peer rental solutions for end consumers, whereby, depending on the membership, customers can borrow up to five items of clothing for a defined period. Customers can also upload their clothes to and lend them to other members. The company also offers rental technology and infrastructure for brands via MarlauxTech.

Fast-paced growth
To this end, SHAREaLOOK has seen a surging demand for its services with up to six-fold increase in rentals. Building on this success, the company plans to launch four more stores in the German speaking cities in Switzerland this fall as well as pilot tests in Sao Paolo and Berlin later this year. Additionally, the duo founding team working on various improvements for performance marketing and will launch a 3D body scan feature as well as establish new partnerships with brands.

Furthermore, less than one year following its establishment, the early-stage startup is already building a strong track record in the fashion rental market. It has established collaborations with international circular economy scientists and researchers to develop a fashion footprint tracker. By July 2020, the company had increased its revenues and launched the new peer-to-peer rental platform in the DACH Region.

Diversification through the acquisition of Kleihd
The start-up is now expanding its footprint and offering through the acquisition of Kleihd, a non-profit fashion rental boutique in Zurich. The aim is to transform Kleihd into a shared occasional and everyday wardrobe for all women in the region with a wide range of clothing assortment, ranging from simple everyday clothes to evening dresses, as well as baby clothing and sustainable premium labels.

Through a crowdfunding campaign launched in June on Crowdify, SHAREaLOOK aims to raise the necessary funds to complete the acquisition process. The funds will allow for the reconstruction of the Kleihd stores and expand the assortment to include maternity collection and baby clothes through a partnership with ÖiÖiÖi, a rental baby collection.-

“Our users want to know where to find us; they want a boutique, assortment and a person to ask for advice. Rental Fashion is still novel in Europe; therefore, trust is a crucial factor in driving this transition. KLEIHD will give the SHAREaLOOK community a brick-and-mortar home to allow us to build trust-based relationships with our customers. Complementing the physical store with e-commerce will allow us to achieve the desired growth”

According to Pia-Maria, the campaign is also having a positive impact on SHAREaLOOK; in only 11 days following the campaign, the company doubled the number of customers and achieved 60 per cent of its monthly revenue target.