Seven startups receive the first Innosuisse Certificates


The new Innosuisse Certificate has replaced the CTI Startup Label. The first seven companies have now been awarded with the Certificate.


Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency, assumed the responsibilities of the former Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) on 1 January 2018. As part of the reorganisation, the coaching process was restructured. The new Innosuisse Certificate is the successor of the CTI Startup Label. The Certificate is awarded by the Innosuisse Innovation Council. It certifies that the company is ready for sustainable growth.

In 2018, Innosuisse awarded seven companies with the certificate. As the reorganisation of Innosuisse is now completed, the number of start-ups receiving the certificate will rise significantly in 2019.

The seven companies which Innosuisse awarded in 2018 are:

Dividat AG (Healthcare IT) – SchindellegiDividat is a Spin-off company from the ETH Zurich and develops evidence based training concepts to improve mobility in older adults for prevention and rehabilitation. Products include a step based training platform, scientific computerized strength training equipment for all ages and abilities as well as a video camera based training system with gaming and virtual reality elements that promotes physical activity. Customers of the start-up are physiotherapists, fitness centers for older adults and care organizations running training centers for falls prevention.  

Hylomorph AG (Medtech) – ZurichThe medtech startup specializes in coating for implants. Hylomorph addresses the problem of fibrotic encapsulation, the body’s response to implanted foreign materials by encapsulating it in a dense layer of fibrotic connective tissue. The biomaterial of Hylomorph interacts with the sensing mechanism of cells thus maintaining a healthy interaction between device and tissue. The closing of a Series A round in August, allows Hylomorph to finalize its product development, conduct clinical studies and get FDA approval as well as the CE-Marking.

Inositec AG (Biotech) – ZurichThe build-up of calcium and phosphate in the blood can lead to mineral deposits, particularly in the vascular system due to the loss in control of factors in the blood that regulate mineral balance in the body. The ETH Zurich Spinoff is developing life-saving small molecule drugs based on its Inositune platform of inositol phosphate (IP6) analogs, a natural facilitator of diverse cellular functions to tackle Vascular Calcification. One of the startup’s latest achievements was the completion of its pre-clinical studies of its INS-3001, a novel vascular calcification inhibitor for patients with chronic kidney diseases. This milestone paved the way for the first-in-human studies scheduled for 2019.

IRsweep AG (Microtechnology) – StaefaThe ETH Zurich spin-off offers cutting edge optical sensing solutions based on semiconductor quantum cascade laser (QCL) frequency combs in the mid-infrared spectral range. Microsecond time resolution combined with large spectral bandwidth and high spectral resolution offers a plethora of new possibilities in molecular analysis. Many biological and chemical processes happen within microseconds and thus far, spectrometers were simply too slow to measure those occurences. IRsweep brings light into the dark and will play an important role in developing treatments for specific diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. Two products of IRsweep are already on the market. 

OneVisage SA  (ICT) - LausanneOneVisage is dedicated to strengthening cybersecurity, thanks to its novel biometry solutions. The startup develops unique 3D facial biometry and 3D graphical authentication software solutions, which enable large financial services and cyber-security integrators to reduce cyber-frauds or identity thefts drastically. The technology of OneVisage offers a higher security level than current pin-code authentication methods. It could well serve more than 3 billion mobile devices users for the cost of a simple password-based product, without the need to remember or enter any security password or pin code.

Pregnolia AG (Medtech) – ZurichEstablished as an ETH Zurich spinoff, Pregnolia developed an innovative system for assessing the stiffness of the cervical tissue among pregnant and non-pregnant women. Traditionally, gynaecologists and midwives use their sense of touch and ultrasound to examine the cervix. With Pregnolia’s device, Gynaecologists can now measure the stiffness of the tissue quickly, painlessly and with higher accuracy. The device consists of a measuring pin and a small console with display and measures the stiffness by gentle negative pressure. The solution can be applied in the clients’ pregnancy routine check-up to monitor any changes in the cervix and hence contribute to the prevention preterm birth.

Ticketfrog AG (ICT) – Olten The start-up now active under the name Eventfrog, is a free ticketing platform for event organizers, which offers a do-it-yourself approach to enable organizers to sell tickets online free of charge, market the events regionally and nationally and achieve additional sales at the event with purchase incentives. Over 20,000 events are active on the platform, making it one of the largest event calendars in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. The startup closed a third financing round this year enabling it to proceed with its international expansion plans.