Seven start-ups selected for ESA BIC program

ESA BIC operates a technology transfer programme offering targeted support and funding to start-ups in the field of space technologies and applications. Last week seven start-ups were selected for the program.

ESA BIC Switzerland offers support to entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for exploiting space technologies in order to develop their non-space business on earth. The seven recently selected start-ups for the program are:

ANYbotics is a pioneer in the market for highly mobile legged robots operating in challenging environments. Products include a mobile robot system ANYmal, an electrically driven four-legged autonomous robot platform, and the robot joint ANYdrive, an joint actuator unit satisfying the most advanced interaction requirements for any robot-like device.

Diramics is active in the field of low noise amplifier for higher data rates. The technology is for example already used by ESA for the communication with spacecrafts on interplanetary missions.

Embotech is a spin-off from ETH Zurich providing design tools for embedded automatic decision making systems. The company focuses on providing software and hardware solutions for the adoption of optimal decision making, i.e. systems that make decisions by solving optimization problems, which increase the productivity, energy efficiency and life time of industrial machines.

Fixposition offers to its clients a reliable high precision positioning service. Combining GNSS data from a reference station, e.g. provided by GPS, Fixposition’s algorithm is capable to offer centimeter-level positioning to mobile devices even in obstructed environments. It is designed to be used in a wide variety of possible applications, like UAV navigation, self-driving, agricultural machinery, surveying and more.

IRsweep has developed a mid-infrared laser spectrometer. Using a spectrometer that utilises infra-red laser radiation, the startup wants to make environmental analysis from space more precise. More information about this project can read on ETH News.

Pristem develops cutting-edge, yet extremely-robust, durable and cost-effective medical systems including medical x-ray systems for emerging markets. The first product is a fully digital X-ray system able to cope with challenging conditions (tropical climates, electrical instabilities, shocks, etc.)

Skypull develops an autonomous drone that transforms altitude wind power into electricity at a much lower cost than other renewable energy source.

Up to €500’000  funding plus coaching
In the first phase, the selected startups receive a total of €50,000 and can expect up to €450,000 in further support during the second phase, making it one of the most appealing programmes in Switzerland. The companies also benefit from individual coaching, networking activities and a Europe-wide network of industry and research contacts. In addition, they will gain access to ESA’s advanced technology as will benefit from ESA’s wide network of the ETH Zurich together with over 50 corporate and research partners. The startups will not be obliged to relocate, however they will participate in community programs organised by various Impact Hubs in Switzerland.

Applications for the next batch are already open.

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