SET100 Awards – a showcase of Swiss energy startups


The 4th edition of the Startup Energy Transition (SET) Award has announced the Top 100 innovative startups across all sectors of the clean energy field. Eleven Swiss startups made it in the ranks. 


Powered by the German Energy Agency (dena), in cooperation with theWorld Energy Council, the SET100 is an annual compilation of the 100 best start-ups of the Startup Energy Transition Award. It contains the most innovative and promising start-ups that make the energy transition a fundamental component of their innovation. The award offers young companies with a platform to showcase their inventions.

This year, the SET team, together with the jury evaluated 570 applications from 90 countries based on a four-phase selection process measuring growth, impact, adoption, scalability, market penetration, and innovation. The selected Top 100 startups of the SET2020 provide solutions across the fields of Renewable Energies & Materials, Digital Energy Systems, Energy Efficiency Solutions, smart mobility and a special category Quality Access & SDG-7.

Eleven Swiss startups are among the SET100 innovators of 2020.

These are;

Category: Renewable energies and materials 

Dhp technology – develops, produces and installs the HORIZON folding solar roof, a system unique in the world.

Insolight – develops translucent high-efficiency photovoltaic modules rated at 29% with applications in agriculture.

Pexapark – provides a suite of software tools to enable better renewable energy sales in markets where subsidies and feed-in tariffs are phasing out due to the drop in capital costs for wind and solar. 

RENERGON – extracts value from organic waste in creating valuable, sustainable products combined with global social and environmental responsibility. 

Twingtec – developed TT100, a containerised mobile wind energy system that delivers cost-competitive electricity with the main focus on off-grid markets where diesel power still prevails. 

Category: Digital Energy systems
Adaptricity – provides a cloud-based grid analytics platform for Distribution Grid Operators (DSOs), enabling them to better understand their electricity grid infrastructure via data-driven grid analytics. 

Gilytics – built a web cloud-based service in the form of SaaS Geographic Information System (GIS) platform that identifies and visualises multiple transmission line paths in a 3D environment in just a few seconds by using digital maps provided by governmental offices.  

Zaphiro – offers Distribution System Operators (DSO) a high-end solution to transform their static into dynamic, auto adaptive grids. 

Category: Smart mobility 

Ponera Group – developed a modular pallet system which by their assembly, can provide different sizes of pallets in terms of surface area. The startup made it on the list as a finalist. 

Special category: Quality access

MPower – partners with local entrepreneurs and SMEs in emerging markets to finance and distribute affordable clean energy products in emerging markets. 

Power-Blox – offers an intelligent swarm electrification solution that can build up mini-grids quickly. The modular and decentralised system is optimised by an algorithm and can be connected to any sources of energy and battery systems.

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