Sensoryx closes first financing round

The Swiss electronics startup Sensoryx AG announced the successfully closing of its first financing round of about 1 million Swiss Francs with private investors and members of the StartAngels. The funds will facilitate for filing for patents, funding team growth and commission the first production series of the system.

Founded by students from the ETH and HSGSensoryx developed a novel mobile 3D motion tracking system «Sensoryx Motion» that tracks a user’s movements precisely, in real-time and without requiring external references such as stationary cameras. In combination with head-mounted displays such as the portable GearVR, the product allows the user to interact naturally with virtual reality by using his hands, fingers and feet. The sensor is are compatible with all existing head-mounted VR displays, particularly for those developed for mobile phones.

Sensoryx Motion Capturing can be used for a broad range of application fields, for example to improve users’ technical skills in sports, to provide support in medical applications, the head-mounted display allows immersive entertainment and Sensoryx products help users get faster and better results in their animation projects.

Last week Senosryx announced the closing of its first financing round. The funds will be used to file patents, fund team growth (4 fulltime employees) and commission the first small production series of the glove and head-mount system and  production of the first small hardware series. The funds will also enable the startup to move to their new offices in Technopark Zurich, and to fund their Kickstarter video and game demo. Sensoryx will unveil the first standalone VR input device tracking hands and fingers in summer for a Kickstarter campaign launching year-end 2017.

“We R&D focused and we see ourselves as a system developers offering products online. We currently do not intend to build our own sales organisation, however, we plan on using large distribution partners to remain focused on our core competencies. We are truly excited to bring this product to market since it solves a fundamental problem in an elegant and convenient way that provides value-added for the consumer”, says Fabian Wenner, CFO of Sensoryx.

Since foundation in 2015, the startup team has achieved a number of milestones: they finalized «proof of concept prototype system», filed patent for their glove, HMD mount and body sensor, established contact with business partners for entertainment market, commissioned demo video shot in London, and commissioned a demo game to show system capabilities. Early this year Sensoryx was transformed into a public limited company (AG).

Sensoryx is supported by the Swiss Commission for Technology and innovation (CTI).

pic: Sensoryx facebook