SEIF Tech4Impact award finalists revealed

The ten startups that convinced the jury with their business impact and dimension proceed to the next phase of the Tech for Impact Awards 2022. The startups, including six from Switzerland, will again present their solution to the audience at the award ceremony on 15 June to win prizes.

SEIF Tech4Impact awards recognise and celebrate impact-driven tech entrepreneurs in Europe that use innovative tech solutions to tackle social or environmental challenges, contributing to the SDGs.

The jury has selected the ten most outstanding startups from over 280 applicants to proceed to the finale and compete for one of the four category prizes. The finalists, originating from Switzerland, the UK, Denmark and Germany, will pitch live at the Awards Ceremony to win one of the four prizes: SEIF Award for Social Innovation, supported by UBS, SEIF Award for Scalable Solution, supported by SEIF and SEIF Award for Future Impact Trend, supported by Julius Bär. Additionally, the Audience Award gives participants at the event to vote for and support their favourite startup. Winners will receive a cash prize totalling 30’000.- and non-financial support from the program's corporate partners.

The jury has selected the ten most outstanding startups from over 280 applicants to proceed to the finale and compete for one of the four category prizes. The finalists will pitch live at the Awards Ceremony.

The ten finalists are:

GROAM | Zurich | Zuzana Sediva – uses biomass waste streams from agriculture to develop bio-based and biodegradable foam products to be used as plant substrate or packaging.

Pneumoscope | Geneva| Alain Gervaix Matthias VANONI – AI powered medical device that facilitates the diagnosis and follow-up of respiratory diseases.

Ponera Group |Lausanne | Matthew Reali – developed a unique logistic solution based on an innovative design of pallets’ system, which decreases packing costs by minimising the transport inefficiencies.

Swistor | Lausanne | Clara Moldovan – develops eco-friendly batteries that exhibit fast charging (10 to 100x faster than traditional batteries), extended lifetime, and operating temperatures without security issues.

Antefil Composite Tech |Zurich | Christoph Schneeberger – offers technology that allows manufacturers to produce high-quality composite parts faster and at lower costs.

Composite Recycling |Ecublens| Mitchell D. Anderson – developed a unique process for economically recovering glass fibers from composite material.

Roslin Technologies | UK | Ernst van Orsouw – develops unique animal cells that can self-renew forever and differentiate into any tissue, including muscle and fat, favourable for cultivated meat production.

traceless materials |Hamburg | Johanna Baare – developed a first-of-a-kind biomaterial as a sustainable alternative to plastics and bioplastics.

phelas | Munich | Leon Haupt – developed modular, mass-produced and cost-effective and safe electricity storage system for utilities, grid operators, industry, renewable energy developers and operators.

Beyond Leather Materials | Denmark | Mikael Eydt – is a B2B supplier of Leap, the sustainable leather alternative made from leftover apples.