SEF4KMU Label for proptech and medtech solutions


Neho, a proptech startup revolutionizing the real estate market and bestmile, with its innovative braces for adults, are the newest recipients of the «SEF.HIGH-POTENTIAL SME» label.


The SEF4KMU label is awarded to companies with a robust growth strategy. The recipients also benefit from tailor-made support to help them further accelerate their growth. Moreover, the startups benefit from additional services such as participation in a financing module that enables companies to raise equity or debt capital and grant advanced payment guarantees. Following the previous selection round, the selection committee has nominated two new recipients of the label. They include: Neho; Zero commission real estate brokerage platform The sale of real estate in Switzerland has become more expensive due to rising prices which has resulted into increase in brokers’ commissions. Given that 95% of the buyers search online for properties, Neho is offering a software platform to enable property owners to sell their property online at zero commission with a fixed-price brokerage service, regardless of the value of the property. The solution has been well received in the market; evidenced by the growing number of clients that use the solution. Since its launch in November 2017, more than 250 clients have trusted Neho with the sale of their property. Furthermore, the company recently launched a complete offering to commercialize real estate development projects which will contribute to the company’s growth. The SEF team of experts has awarded Neho the “SEF.High-Potential SME” quality label due to the anticipated high growth potential of the solution in the Swiss real estate brokerage market. Bestsmile; affordable transparent braces for adults Wearing regular braces is a painful experience that makes chewing uncomfortable and requires a lot of appointments with the dentist. Corrections can take years and are expensive. For adults, the experience of wearing traditional braces is unpleasant. Bestsmile, a Zurich-based startup has recognized the problem and developed a better and affordable solution. Founded in June 2018, bestsmile develops and commercializes 100% Swiss-made transparent braces, known as clear aligners for adults for treating minor and moderate cases, for example, misalignment of the incisors. The aligner can be removed during lunch without worrying about ruining the correction of the teeth. Through a 3D scan of the patient’s teeth during the first visit, the startup provides a suitable treatment which lasts between three and twelve months. Currently, bestmile commercializes its products both online and in its eight flagship stores across Switzerland. Four new locations will be opened at the end of the year. SEF team of experts has awarded bestsmile the “SEF. High-Potential SME” quality label. Due to its rapid growth and idea for revitalizing the Swiss dental market.