Scrona secures CHF 1.3 million in a seed round


The ETH spin-off Scrona is recognized for their flagship product µPeek, a credit card sized smartphone microscope. The startup is now pioneering in NanoDrip 3D printing to revolutionize printed electronics. Business angels from have raised CHF 1.3 million in an oversubscribed Seed Round for the startup to accelerate their technology.


3D printing is set to become the next-generation production technology that overcomes traditional boundaries regarding production complexity and flexibility. The same characteristics would be even more desirable in the nano- and micro-world, where the fineness of product components have so far required costly microfabrication technologies. However, existing printing technologies are either extremely slow or provide insufficient precision and are therefore not suitable for industrial applications.

Scrona, the world record holder for the smallest printed inkjet image, is developing the first 3D NanoDrip printing technology to enable fast and cost-effective production at the nanoscale. The printer contains ten thousands of simultaneously operated nozzles, which allows for printing of up to 1’000 fold higher resolution than current inkjet printers, while still upholding throughput. Michael Blank, investment manager at, believes that the startup has developed a disruptive technology with clear applications in numerous multi-billion industries – from security printing to printed electronics, flexible displays, diagnostics among others.

Thanks to the broad scope of applications, the startup has attracted leading industry players for partnerships. In the security printing space, Scrona has established a collaboration with world-leading industry players, alongside partnerships with six additional major companies.

With CHF 1.3 million of capital from, the startup is now set for the next steps of development. “We are thrilled to push our innovation further with the new funds,” says Scrona CEO Partick Galliker.

“We decided to back Patrick and his team because we believe they have what it takes to capitalize on their first-mover advantage to bring nano-manufacturing to industrial production,” explains co-founder and co-CEO Lukas Weber.

Scrona initially planned to raise CHF 1 million. Within a few weeks, the ETH spin-off already generated significant interest in and ultimately agreed to accept CHF 1.3 million in funding. In addition to providing the entire investment sum, identified two highly relevant business angels from their network to join Scrona’s board, including an accomplished entrepreneur who built and successfully sold his high-tech startup.