Scandit Wins Retail Technology Award Europe 2019


The EHI Retail Institute named Scandit and METRO AG winners of the Retail Technology Award Europe in the category “Best Customer Experience.” Scandit and METRO AG received the award for their outstanding retail IT solutions at the EuroCIS trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany.


The EHI Retail Institute, a Cologne-based research and educational institution for the retail sector and its partners, annually honors companies for the use of innovative IT solutions in retail. The award is given to companies that use forward-looking methods and technologies to increase customer loyalty and customer satisfaction. A top-class jury with representatives from industry, universities and research institutions selects winners in four categories from a large number of submissions. Scandit will also receive the Top Supplier Retail Award, which honors the suppliers and service providers involved in the winning projects.

The Winning ApplicationSince 1963, Germany-based METRO AG has been a leader in grocery and food retailing, having expanded to 25 countries and employing more than 150,000 people. METRO is committed to developing a very personal relationship with its customers and creating a pricing model tailored to individuals.  To do this, METRO needed to create an environment where shoppers could see more than the current retail prices of items on the shelf. To make the experience special, METRO needed to ensure shoppers could see their personal prices in real time before proceeding to check-out.

Scandit mobile computer vision and AR technology made it possible for customers to scan items on shelves and highlight their unique price information on their smartphone display using the METRO Companion app. MatrixScan functionality in the app also enabled customers to see individual pricing on multiple articles at the same time. Customers were able to use their own smartphones to get their personal pricing information just as they were choosing their items for purchase when it is most crucial.

At any point during a shopping trip METRO customers know their “real prices”, enabling them to have a better understanding of the actual running total while purchasing, resulting in better customer service and potentially more purchases and larger basket sizes. 

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