Scandinavia's largest airline leverages Scandit's scanning technology


A new mobile App offered by the Scandinavian Airlines System, the region's leading airline carrying more than 30 passengers annually, will enable scanning boarding passes, passports, meal vouchers and baggage tags. The app is powered by Scandit's technology.


Scandit is a Zurich based startup offering a patented barcode scanning technology for mobile devices to enable capturing and decoding of text and objects. Using Scandit's technology brings a new level of speed and efficiency to workflows across the many industries that use barcodes. Worldwide, more companies from a broad range of industries are integrating Scandit's technology into their systems. Most recently, the Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS)  integrated the software into their new Ground Handling App for smartphones, to replace expensive built-in scanners, streamline operations as well as give customers a better travelling experience and maintain profitability. The mobile app enables employees to scan boarding passes, passports, meal vouchers and baggage tags. The  Customer-facing SAS employees also have the opportunity to use the mobile app from anywhere in the airport.  The airlines deployed the app to their three Scandinavian airport hubs in Stockholm Arlanda, Oslo Gardermoen, and Copenhagen Kastrup where employees were equipped with 700 Galaxy A8 devices. Further rollouts are planned across the globe. SAS carries more than 30 million passengers annually to 120 destinations on over 170 aircraft and is widely recognized as a pioneer in digital innovation in the air travel industry. The integration of the new technology into SAS is also advantageous for the passengers since they will benefit from a faster, more personalized service.(RAN)