Securitas tests robot system on SBB site

The Ascento robot allows security providers to efficiently cover large outdoor areas requiring significant human resources to patrol. Securitas the largest Swiss security company is among the startup’s first customers. The startup is currently ramping up production to accelerate its official market launch.

Since 2020, the Ascento team has been developing a two-legged robot (see video) to serve as a security guard in large business premises day and night, which require a significant workforce to patrol. It can navigate rough terrain, bumps, steps, and even snow with its off-road tires. Its “head” houses the computer, battery, sensors, and AI, which allow for generating daily security reports that help improve security mechanisms. It is equipped with a thermal camera that detects people and vehicles, while the 360° camera captures images of the surroundings. The robot can communicate via a live feed with a backup operator in a control center and provides automatic reporting.

According to the Zurich-based startup, its autonomous security robot guards are gaining popularity among security providers looking to enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs. Among them are companies like Securitas, which have been using the solution at several facilities, providing an added layer of security and enhancing operational efficiency. Last year, Securitas tested the robots in pilot projects and is now a paying customer. Securitas tested the Ascento robots on the SBB site.

The positive performance of its robots at the clients’ premises marks a new milestone for Ascento in its development journey. “Our unique business model allows security providers to rent robots by the hour to complement their guard teams. This ‘all-included’ approach is why Securitas have been using it for over six months now”, said Miguel de la Iglesia Valls, CTO at Ascento.

While the company prepares to start the production of the next-generation robot to speed up time-to-market, the demand for the autonomous solution has continued to rise, as Miguel d revealed. “We are thrilled to have a high demand for our robot guards, and at the moment, we are limited by the number of robots we are able to produce”, he said.

After incorporating the company in February 2023, the next phase will see Ascento increase its production capacity to deliver the security solution to interested customers by the end of this year. Furthermore, the startup is raising a seed financing round and applying for a CE certification for the robot to make it available for the mass market.

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(Press release/RAN)