Sanostro collaborates with Avaloq

Zurich based fintech startup, Sanostro, has teamed up with Avaloq to provide scalable foreign exchange robo-advisory solutions to Avaloq's customers. Avaloq’s clients will be able to implement foreign exchange hedging signals from Sanostro directly into their wealth management and treasury systems.

Since its establishment, Sanostro has been specialising in hedge fund intelligence. The company has built a global platform of quantitative managers to offer systematic, model-based hedging solutions and tactical asset allocation models to institutional investors. Clients use Sanostro flexibly to manage their Foreign exchange (FX), equity, commodity and bond portfolios through tailor-made solutions.

This solution has attracted several quantitative investment managers in the hedge fund sector to Sanostro and recently Avaloq, a Zurich based company providing integrated and comprehensive solutions for wealth management, universal and retail banks. The Partnership with Avaloq will allow Avaloq’s clients to implement FX hedging signals from leading quantitative managers on Sanostro's platform directly in high net worth customers' portfolios.

Sanostro’s adapter allows banks using the Avaloq Banking Suite and customers to choose among leading quantitative managers, including external and in-house experts, to efficiently manage FX exposures within predefined limits. For example, this allows portfolio managers to focus on their core investment competencies, such as stock picking and bond selection, while outsourcing the FX decision in an effective way. Treasuries will benefit from automation and the potential to stabilise the asset base in higher volatility environments.