Salesforce founder invests in Swiss startup Weev

Weev, a Zurich-based platform that connects brands and suppliers in the shoe, leather and clothing industry, has secured a substantial investment and advisory support from Salesforce boss Marc Benioff. This marks the investor's first investment in Switzerland.

Founded in 2020 Weev is on a mission to digitalise the supply chain process of the shoe, leather and clothing industry to make it more efficient. The leather and fashion industry in general is still in the Stone Age. Sample folders weighing a lot are flown around the world and small snippets are cut out with scissors at trade fairs. These conventional sample and material books are now a thing of the past. The new digital technology facilitates an agile and seamless workflow and enables significant and measurable savings.

Weev uses software solutions to simplify and accelerate product design, development and manufacturing in this market, thus saving time and cost while enhancing the quality of collaboration in the global value chain. "We want to empower product manufacturers by providing transformative connections, relevant resources and tools in real-time," explains Szilard Szurdok.

Szurdok envisions Weev as a leading player because of the company’s industry expertise, which is based on a robust material database, first-class data, useful analytics, highly defined material visualization and integrated collaboration tools. The company is already expanding its international customer base to achieve this ambition. The company already serves customers including well-known companies such as Industria del Design, Santori Pellami, Polo Sourcing, Jinjiang HAOFA Shoe Material Co., Ltd. in China and Faytex Corporation in the USA. The ongoing negotiations with more companies globally will further strengthen Weev's position as one of the leading players in the SaaS business in the fashion industry.

Impressive business case for Salesforce founder
Weev has attracted the attention of Marc Benioff, the founder of Salesforce, leading to an undisclosed investment in the startup. This marks Benioff’s first investment in Switzerland. According to the startup’s press release, Benioff got the decisive tips for the rapid success of Salesforce from Steve Jobs; following this example, he will support Szurdok in an advisory capacity to help scale Weev.

"This is more than just great recognition, a small accolade for our young company", says Szilard Szurdok. "if anyone knows anything about digital transformation, it's probably Marc. When such a successful man from the digital business takes his own money and time into his own hands - that shows that Weev has hit a business nerve. Of course, that gives us even more momentum."

Weev was founded by Szilard Szurdok, who is also the Chairman of the board, with the support of co-founders Daniel Tschuemperlin (Brand and Business Development) and Joanne Stetson (CEO). Szurdok and Tschuemperlin as well as the CTO reside in Switzerland, while the rest of the team is based in different locations including the US, Italy and China.  

(Press release/RAN)