RosieReality closes seed round


In a few weeks RosieReality will launch its educational game which introduces children to robotics and programming through adventurous puzzles and active play. Prior to the launch, the Zurich based start-up has closed another financing round.


RosieReality is working on capturing teens natural curiosity and creativity with Rosie, a cute augmented reality (AR) robot. Rosie inhabits a Lego-like modular AR-world within which kids can creatively build, solve and share world-size 3D AR-puzzle games with friends and family. Building a virtual castle on the terrace of the ETH Zurich – that’s one of the examples demonstrating the puzzle game experiences of Rosie the robot. The augmented reality (AR) game teaches introduces children to robotics as they have to do some programming to build, solve and share world-sized puzzle games such as building a virtual castle. Currently, Rosie the robot, RosieReality’s first camera-enabled puzzle game experience, is available to a select few partners. During the beta phase the team spent a lot of time at schools and family homes to understand and solve the AR-onboarding challenge for a young consumer audience. The start-up has now closed their seed round led by RedAlpine and joined by Mattias Ljungman, Siraj Khaliq (both are working for Atomico) and Chemolio. In total RosieReality raised $2.2 million. “We’re now ramping up to have an official launch by end of May”, explains CEO Sélim Benayat. The round of funding will help the startup to grow across the US market. The company is headquartered in Zürich as they see Europe as a melting pot for world-class technical talent that has a keen eye for sleek and engaging consumer design. RosieReality used that advantage to grow their team from initially three co-founders a year ago to now 15 people working towards brining modular AR-gameplay to families around the globe. (Press release / SK)