Resmonics gets CHF 150’000 Kick

Zurich-based Resmonics combines deep learning & respiratory medicine research to offer the 1st CE-certified early-warning system of its kind that helps patients with chronic respiratory diseases manage their condition. The startup turning their smartphones into guardian angels will use the CHF 150,000 to drive business development and international expansion.

Patients with chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) require a monitoring and early-warning system to prevent life-threatening disease worsening (e.g., asthma attacks). Even though medical professionals and patients are concerned about recognizing dangerous emergencies in time, the existing solutions are inconvenient and uncomfortable to use.

Resmonics’ first product, ResGuard Med, closes a critical gap in this patient journey: a monitoring tool for chronic respiratory diseases that is compatible with everyday life. The startup develops an AI-based mobile sensing pipeline that detects clinically validated biomarkers (e.g., nocturnal coughing) using the smartphone’s built-in microphone and estimates the risk of disease worsening. Resmonics’ monitoring software can be integrated into existing smartphone-based disease management solutions. Patients then only need to place their smartphones in their bedrooms at night to get an objective assessment of symptom severity and disease progression.

Resmonics will primarily target tech-focused companies with smartphone app-based disease management solutions and health insurances with an existing digital health portfolio. This B2B2C business model enables the startup to tackle a 550 million global patient market, resulting in an estimated target market of CHF 3.8 billion in Resmonics’ target geographies.

Resmonics was co-founded by Dr. Peter Tinschert (CEO) and Dr. Iris Shih (CTO) in 2020. The Zurich- based startup won the support of CSS insurance and is a Venture Leaders Mobile 2021. Having CE- certified ResGuard Med as a medical device recently, Resmonics plans to focus on gaining commercial traction in the European market in the near future. In parallel, the technology will be further improved by collecting new data in clinical trials, which allows ResGuard Med to become a disease-agnostic solution. Resmonics will use the CHF 150,000 to drive business development and international expansion into markets outside Switzerland and the EU to fully exploit ResGuard Med’s scalability.

“We were fortunate to have secured financing from another investor early on. While the additional Venture Kick funding allows us to accelerate the implementation of our global vision, the Kicker’s Camps are what make the Venture Kick experience truly unique. If you are looking for a good time, look for it elsewhere. But if you’re looking for a challenge that will shape your entrepreneurial journey, I bet you won’t find anything better in the Swiss startup ecosystem than the Kicker’s Camps,” said Dr. Peter Tinschert, Resmonics co-founder and CEO.

(Press release)

Resmonics co-founders, from left to right: 
Dr. Iris Shih (CTO) and Dr. Peter Tinschert (CEO)