ReFlow Therapeutics Closes Oversubscribed Seed Round

The Zug based medtech start-up, ReFlow Therapeutics, is developing technologies for novel diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for microvascular obstructions in heart attack patients. ReFlow has raised an undisclosed single digit million Swiss Francs amount in a seed round. The funds enable the startup to conduct preclinical trials.

Early July this year, renowned interventional cardiologists and medical device entrepreneurs, Robert S. Schwartz and Jon H. Hoem and Martin T. Rothman, founded ReFlow Therapeutics. Jon H. Hoem, CEO of Reflow, has over the last 27 years founded and developed several medical device companies including Medistim ASA, AtriCure Europe and Miracor Medical Systems where he served also as the CEO. In addition he is also active as CTI Startup Coach.

ReFlow is pioneering in a novel approach for real-time diagnosis and treatment of the no-reflow phenomenon in acute heart attack and later heart failure patients. ReFlow’s medical system will allow for overcoming micro-vascular obstruction (MVO) and blockage in the very small blood supply vessels within the affected heart muscle in heart attack patients. ReFlow completed its proof-of-concept trials at the University Hospital of Zürich and filed provisional patent applications in Europe and the United States.

The team from Reflow Therapeutics announced the completion of its oversubscribed seed financing round with professional medical device investors, distributors, and key-opinion-leaders in interventional cardiology across Europe, the US, China, Latin-America and Japan. These individuals and organisations have over the last decades brought several successful cardiology products to market. ReFlow now enters the phase of console and catheter development which will be substantiated by preclinical trials to generate data for its regulatory design dossiers. The Company targets to complete these development steps over the next two years and will provide regular updates on the progress of the Company.

Jon H. Hoem, ReFlow's CEO and Co-Founder, commented: "We are very excited to start developing this breakthrough technology which potentially can help many thousands of heart attack patients every year. The ReFlow team looks forward to working with the world-wide interventional cardiology community to bring new solutions to a patient group that so far has been underserved."

Erik Amble, who joins the ReFlow Board of Directors, said: "I look forward to working with the ReFlow management team to develop a new approach for patients with microvascular obstructions which is a very large yet unmet medical need in modern interventional cardiology. Since the introduction of coronary stenting almost 30 years ago, the MVO problem remains an unsolved problem. ReFlow has a unique approach to help patients suffering from MVO."

(RAN / SK)