Ready for a new journey at ESA BIC Switzerland


A new cohort comprising five startups has entered the incubation program of the ESA Business Incubation Centre Switzerland. Following a virtual kick-off, the startups have embarked on a two-year journey with the ESA BIC team to bring their solutions to the next level.



The ESA Business Incubation Centre (ESA BIC) Switzerland is an initiative of the European Space agency run by ETH Zurich. The program provides promising Swiss startups that have a connection to space with €200’000 over two years, business and technical support, a network, and a community of peers and experts. The supported startups should exploit space systems or technologies to develop their non-space business or who use terrestrial technology for an application related to space.

Five new startups offering solutions ranging from materials, data mining, nanotechnology, and robotics have now joined the program. These are:

MicroR Systems – provides lasers with ultra-pure colours for precision measurement applications. The startup’s technology improves the performance of lasers in terms of colour purity and size, which enables more precise distance measurements, timekeeping, and long-distance telecommunication for a range of applications and industries—from space to defence to automotive.

BOTA Systems – aims to improve how robotic systems interact with humans by offering a plug-and-play force-sensing solution that makes robots sense the interaction force with their environment. The solution can be integrated into any robotic system.

CompPair – is developing healable and sustainable composites to improve circularity. The startup provides smart pre-impregnated textiles that help to extend the lifetime of composite structures, which are widely used in the aerospace, automotive, windmill, and sports industries. CompPair’s textiles are compatible with existing production lines and deliver an efficient smart and bio-inspired solution.

Miraex – offers photonic and quantum full-stack solutions for next-gen sensing, networking and computing. Its solutions detect system anomalies in advance and allow data-driven maintenance decisions that help reduce costs and optimize productivity. Application areas include industry; aerospace, security and defence as well as quantum networking and computing.

Urban Data Lab – is a cloud-based service, offering advanced location analytics and customized business intelligence to the real estate industry to enable smarter business decisions. The startup achieves this by combining geoprocessing, big data, and machine learning to evaluate millions of locations on spatial structure and user-centred potential.

The next application round will close on 31.10.2020. To learn more about the program or to apply visit ESA BIC Switzerland.