Rapyuta Robotics signs first distributor agreement with Softbank


Rapyuta Robotics, offering cloud robotics solutions, has signed a distributor agreement with SoftBank Commerce & Service. The agreement comes after the launch of the beta of Rapyuta’s new drone solution, Rapyuta c.drone, which is built on the hardware-agnostic rapyuta.io cloud robotics platform.


The new drone solution is enables customers to deploy 3rd party software, robot hardware, and sensors. This particular feature is what led to the new distributor agreement with SoftBank Commerce & Service, and development partnerships with SECOM, Nihon Unisys, Nippon Systemware (NSW), and Kyoto Prefecture, who see the Rapyuta c.drone and rapyuta.io as offering domestic enterprise customers much-needed flexibility for the future.

“We are pleased to announce that SoftBank Commerce & Service will be the first distributor partner for Rapyuta c.drone,” says Rapyuta Robotics CEO Gajan Mohanarajah. “Since Rapyuta Robotics was selected for the SoftBank Innovation Program (SIP) in April 2017, we have been working closely together with SoftBank to prepare for the commercial launch of Rapyuta c.drone. Our new distributor partnership with SoftBank Commerce & Service will bring the Rapyuta c.drone and the rapyuta.io cloud robotics platform to businesses across Japan.”

In addition to the ability to integrate with 3rd party hardware and software, key features of the Rapyuta c.drone include: On-demand self-service that lets customers autonomously fly the drone any time without professional assistance; Ubiquitous access that lets customers fly their drone anytime from anywhere, thanks to the intuitive web-based interface and programmatic APIs; and a Pay-as-you-go fee structure that lets customers pay for usage without worrying about additional costs such as, support & maintenance, 3rd party liability insurance, and access to rapyuta.io.

The Rapyuta c.drone was designed to face the demands of operating in tough weather conditions and comes with a weatherproof autonomous charging station, making it ideal for enterprise applications such as security, inspection, surveying and large-scale infrastructure monitoring. Combined with the proprietary rapyuta.io cloud robotics technology, Rapyuta c.drone brings scalability, flexibility and powerful analysis to enterprise-level customers.

“Our new development partnerships with SECOM, Nihon Unisys, NSW, and Kyoto Prefecture will help us demonstrate the incredible enabling power of cloud robotics,” says Rapyuta Robotics COO Arudchelvan Krishnamoorthy. ”We are excited that a number of the leading industry players in Japan will be combining their hardware and software with our cloud robotics solution.”

SECOM will work with Rapyuta Robotics to leverage c.drone, rapyuta.io and other technologies to develop new services relating to safety and security. Nihon Unisys will combine their IoT Business Platform with Rapyuta Robotics’ drone and cloud robotics services to develop new value. NSW will combine Rapyuta Robotics' state-of-the-art robot control technology with their IoT system development - such as Low Power Wide Area (LPWA), image analysis, and sensing technology. Finally, Kyoto Prefecture will be working with local manufacturing businesses and Rapyuta Robotics to further their development of autonomous robotics infrastructure.

(Press release)