Rapyuta Robotics raises USD 9.5 million


ETH spinoff Rapyuta Robotics, developing an enterprise ready platform-as-a-service for robotics, has raised USD 9.5 million. The funds will enable the company to proceed with the development of their platform.


Participants in the round include; Japan Co-Invest Limited Partnership, Sony Innovation Fund, a corporate venture capital by Sony Corporation and existing shareholders of JMTC Capital.

Rapyuta Robotics is a spinoff from ETH Zürich, building the first enterprise level, Cloud Robotics platform to help companies optimize every stage of their product lifecycle. According to the startup, the challenge of developing a robotics business is that one has to be good at everything. That is why; is dedicated to providing cloud platform that utilises state-of-the-art control technology and artificial intelligence technology, which can integrate various machines like robots, sensors and data-centers to facilitate central management.

The solution will help companies to drastically reduce the cost, complexity, and he risk of deploying, managing and interfacing with robotics systems so that users can focus on what they do best, no matter what part of the robotics stack your business focuses on.

Thanks to the raised USD 9.5 million, the startup will now continue the development of the cloud robotics platform based on valuable feedbacks that the startup received through the Early Developer Program since last year, as well as sales resources required for public launch and sale. The funds will also flow into the development of the platform focused for industries that are expected to have high demands such as logistics and factory automation, as well as strengthening partnerships with such industries.

(Press release/RAN)