RaceAnalyse revolutionises data analysis for the Motorsport industry


For the first time, it is possible to analyse data from global automotive sports with a highly accurate and precise digital twin. The Basel based startup RaceAnalyse has developed a satellite-based smart IoT device and digital platform system. With customers from the US, Europe and UAE relying on the technology, and more than 200% growth, the startup has secured funding to expand application area and the team.


RaceAnalyse is a high precision 10Hz satellite-based live data recording and streaming system for the global motorsports market offering with up to 0,5m accuracy as opposed to existing solutions. The system comprises of the RaceAnalyse smart device which is embedded with a worldwide broadcasting eSim and uses a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). It collects data on speed, acceleration, deceleration, skew, sectors, lap times and much more. The second component of the system is the software application including the unique and proprietary MasterLap digital twin model used for personalised data analysis and the global race sport social network.

Virtual trainer
Data is transmitted onto the internet via a global GSM/GPRS network using Machine to Machine technology; hence it requires no installation or connection with cables, SIM-Card, Bluetooth or software. The platform, which has already been validated through the partnership with the University of Zurich and the funding from Innosuisse - also acts as a virtual trainer offering 15 different metrics for determining the racer's technics and precisely pinpointing areas for improvement. Additionally, RaceAnalyse offers the first motorsport Internet application with YouTube HD video data overlay for driver analysis.

"We are the internet of motorsports," said Andres Tschupp. "We have developed the most advanced platform that, for the first time, allows motorsports companies to analyse data in real-time with the digital twin MasterLap Model. The RaceAnalyse digital twin links the digital MasterLap model and simulations with real-world data for improved competitive advantage and human-centred design. This high precision is proven to be able to sign to distinguish the behaviour and sport style differences between world champion teams. The platform is compatible with any system and therefore can be used for any motorsport."

Global reknowed brands rely on RaceAnalyse 

With the growing number of units sold to customers in Europe, the United States (mainly in California) and UAE, RaceAnalyse is currently being used on more than 230 race tracks and is working with customers including Bosch, KTM, Kalex, the ADAC Sachsenring MotoGP. Motorsport instructors and hobby cyclists also rely on the solution.
Thanks to the unique and most accurate solution and the growing interest from the motorsports community, the company was able to generate 20% profit with more than 200% growth in just three years.  Early this year, RaceAnalyse closed a 7-digit financing round from undisclosed business angels.
The company's success is attributed not only to the company's ability to provide a universal end-to-end and easy to use accurate web platform solution, but also the founder's expertise as a digital architect and business analyst in the pharma industry combined with his passion for motorsports. 
As part of its plans, the company will continue to advance its technology, win new partnerships, secure further growth financing and expand into other application areas such as the e-sports segment.

(Ritah Ayebare Nyakato)