QualySense Raises CHF 14 Million in Equity to Fuel Growth

QualySense, a pioneering company focused on innovative grain, seed and bean sorting technologies based on space technologies and artificial intelligence announced raising CHF 14 Million in equity. This financing will be used to accelerate growth through the development of new sorting solutions and scale up the sales and marketing effort.

Funds were raised from a number of private and institutional investors as the Zürcher Kantonal Bank. Venturelab, which has supported QualySense from its very early stage, has plaid a key role in this round by successfully introducing a new important investor.

“We are extremely pleased with the level of funds raised in this financing round and see it as a sign of great confidence in QualySense from both new and existing investors“, said Dr. Geoffrey Scott, Chairman of the Board of Directors. “Our revolutionary sorting solutions are already established with several major clients in 3 continents who have made multiple purchases and it is clear that the interest in QualySense is reaching new levels. The proceeds will enable us to increase our commercial efforts and to scale up our sorting devices to industrial capability. This also allows the company to develop beyond a start-up and move to a new level of activity with exciting growth prospects”.

Dr. Beat Bühlmann, member of the Board of Directors added, “As of today, key global leaders of the food and seed industry have adopted the QSorter revolutionary technology for laboratory purposes in USA, Europe and Asia. This successful fundraising will allow us to accelerate the development of our large capacity device, which has the potential to become a game changer both from a business perspective as well as from a food safety and food waste reduction perspective. QualySense is a great example how new technology can help tackle some of the world’s most pressing problems.“

Sophisticated high-speed single kernel robot
In only 30 years from now, we will be 3 billions more, farming land will be decreasing by 60% and the middle class will be twice as big as today. In the meanwhile, 30% of food is lost before it reaches our tables. The world needs to produce more but also needs to do it more efficiently and decreasing waste. QualySense is reinventing the $ trillions global soft commodity market with its proprietary QSorter technology, a sophisticated high-speed single kernel robot, which sorts millions of seeds, grains and beans one by one with respect to compositional properties and physical attributes.

The laboratory version of the QSorter enables automatic quality inspection and results in huge productivity gains while the multi-ton-per-hour robot allows food companies and seed companies to create outstanding products such as, for example, seeds with the best farming performance, grains with no toxic contaminations, foods and drinks of consistent quality, specific nutritional characteristics or whose taste matches consumer preferences. The Swiss-made innovation is helping solving key food and agricultural challenges and has a significant impact on world’s sustainability.

(Press release)