Qiio on course for growth in the US

AT&T, the world’s largest telecommunications company, has granted qiio’s q200 Guardian and Concentrator XN products their Network Optimized certification. This is the first time worldwide that a cellular Microsoft Azure Sphere enabled device has been certified, making qiio a supplier of choice for many companies seeking IoT solutions. 

Qiio, a Swiss provider of cellular IoT solutions, is growing fast. The 2014 established startup aims to generate over 10 million in revenues this year and grow the team to up to 30 employees. One reason for the fast growth is the succes in the US market. In addition to its headquarters in Zurich, the startup has been present in the US since 2019 with an office in Miami. It serves a broad pipeline of customers, including US-based and the world’s leading companies. It also collaborates with organizations such as Microsoft and AT&T, America’s leading telecom companies. The latter has now granted qiio the AT&T Network Optimized certification of its secure cellular IoT solution based on Microsoft Azure Sphere. Not only does this certification make qiio’s devices network-ready, but it also gives the startup more credibility, making it a supplier of choice for many companies seeking IoT solutions.

Thanks to the existing partnership with AT&T, qiio will also gain access to a broad range of customers in the US, where it plans to further spread its footprint in the upcoming months, as revealed by Dorothy Kohl, VP of Business Strategy Sales & Marketing qiio AG. The q200 Guardian is the world’s first solution specifically optimized for secure, bi-directional cellular connectivity supporting IoT solutions running on Microsoft’s Azure Sphere. The product is a key part of qiio’s 2022 strategy to deliver off-the-shelf IoT connectivity to numerous existing and new applications such as those found in Smart Spaces and Connected Kitchen.

Felix Adamczyk, founder and CEO of qiio, said: “We are extremely proud to be the first company in the world to receive the AT&T Network Optimized certification. This gives customers in the US and around the world the confidence that qiio can deliver a secure, world-class cellular / Azure Sphere IoT solution that leverages AT&T’s massive network. We are looking forward to scaling this solution over the coming months!”

(Press release/RAN)