PXL Vision and Sunrise launch solution for mobile identity verification


Sunrise Telecommunications AG has launched a new mobile customer identification solution based on PXL Beam OnBoard technology. The solution enables customers to sign up for subscriptions using just their smartphone, without the need of a physical identification. Authentication is done by capturing an ID document and using face matching algorithms for an automated and truly digital verification.


The Zurich based startup PXL Vision AG, founded in March 2017 by former employees of Dacuda, has reached another milestone. After collaborations with industry leaders like ZEISS and Sunrise Telecommunications AG, PXL Vision has now delivered on its promise to launch an innovative computer vision based solution for mobile customer identification for Sunrise, the largest privately held mobile carrier in Switzerland.

PXL Vision has worked hard on reinventing the customer onboarding process and make it an entirely digital experience. The results of this development were announced last week when Sunrise Communication released its Sunrise ID Checker mobile App to the public. Employing PXL Vision’s OnBoard solution, the app enables Sunrise customers to sign up for a mobile subscription digitally, independent of time and location. PXL Vision’s technology uses a smartphone camera to recognize, capture and interpret information of identity documents worldwide. A quick video-selfie then allows an automated face verification against the document photo. As a final step, users digitally sign the contract and can then immediately use the service.

“The Sunrise ID Checker demonstrates the importance of partnering with innovative small businesses in Switzerland. Through our partnership with PXL Vision, other companies and public service providers can also benefit from the straightforward Sunrise ID Checker solution,” says Olaf Swantee, CEO of Sunrise.

PXL Vision is already offering its technology as an SDK to other companies and is launching its own generic identification app for various industries early next year.

“We are pleased that we have developed a solution that allows the sales process to be completely redefined, by enabling reliable identity verification without the need of a physical presence. Our solution not only enables remote access to products and services for customers, but also simplifies customer onboarding for retail employees, boosting their sales performance and improving ID security and data quality at the point-of-sale,” says PXL founder Karim Nemr.

(Press release)