Pushing at the boundaries of IT, in healthcare and beyond

Helio makes cloud computing more affordable, faster and more sustainable at the same time. Wecheer helps consumer brands that depend on 3rd party distribution to manage customer loyalty. In the medical sector Qumea and Annaida offer solutions to detect and monitor falls and enhance invitro fertilization, respectively. The four solutions impressed the Innosuisse Innovation Council, who awarded them the Innosuisse Certificate.

Upon completing the Innosuisse Core Coaching, startups can request the Innosuisse Certificate. The companies are evaluated thoroughly on their innovation potential, financial preparedness for external funding if required, and organisational setup. The startups fulfilling these criteria will receive the Innosuisse Certificate in recognition of their sustainable growth potential. The following startups in ICT and medical IT solutions are among the recipients of the certificate in the second half of 2023. We will cover the cleantech startups which have been awarded the Innosuisse Certificate in a separate article. 

Helio, a Zurich-based startup, pioneers a new approach to cloud computing by addressing its environmental and efficiency pitfalls. The startup uses a unique real-time algorithm that improves cloud resource allocation by rerouting computing tasks to underused or renewable-energy-powered data centres. This approach tackles the dual challenges of poor efficiency—currently below 20% in the industry—and high environmental impact. The company has set a bold target of reducing CO2 emissions by 200Mt by 2030. The higher efficiency allows customers to get their results up to 100x faster and 3x cheaper. Founded by Kevin Häfeli and Christoph Buchli in 2018 after leaving snowflake and Zattoo, the Zurich-based startup has grown to 12 people and secured funding to boost its growth and development.

Founded in 2017 by Karim Choueiri (CEO) and Aurele de Bosset (CTO), WECHEER has created a digital loyalty platform designed for Consumer Packaged Goods brands that depend on 3rd party distribution. The company offers a suite of technologies, including Receipt Scanning, a Unique QR code and a patented smart bottle opener to enable companies to digitise offline purchases, helping them acquire and retain consumers. Through this approach, the startup is enabling brands like Heineken, Cocoa Cola and more for the first time to deliver secondary sales growth, consumer data, and long-term loyalty with a focus on repeat purchases, all with a scalable technology that does not require any integration.

Qumea developed an advanced and comprehensive system for discrete and contactless fall prevention and mobility monitoring in care institutions. The Solothurn-based startup uses a one-of-a-kind sensor (embedded in the hardware) and intelligent software in the app to allow for continuous monitoring of activities and mobility of every patient and automatically calls for help, depending on the individual needs of each patient. Aside from winning more customers in Switzerland and across Europe with customers such as the Hirslanden clinic, Cantonal Hospital Aarau, and more, Qumea is also expanding its footprint – last year, it opened its first Nordic office in Stockholm, Sweden, bringing it closer to its partners and customers.

Annaida Technologies is pioneering a new non-invasive technology to investigate the chemistry inside microscopic life while maintaining its full integrity. Aiming to improve in-vitro fertilisation, it developed the EmbryoSpin technology platform that uses MRS technology to analyse microtissues, embryos, organoids, and much more while performing microscopic Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (“μNMR”) at a scale 10-fold better than existing technologies. Like an MRI scanner, shrunk to suit embryos about one-fifth of a millimeter in size, the device will allow IVF clinics to perform their analysis on-site and within an hour. Thanks to its chemical sensitivity and non-invasive nature, MRS is recognised as the gold standard for in-vivo diagnostics. Securing both dilutive and non-dilutive funding and winning awards are some achievements at Annaida.

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