Pro Helvetia funds 20 design projects


Pro Helvetia launched a new initiative to support Design projects at different development levels – from concept to production and marketing. The committee has nominated 20 projects that will benefit from the program. WormUp and Circleg are among the beneficiaries.



With its new four-step promotion model, Pro Helvetia is testing support instruments that focus on the development process – from concept to production and marketing – to help creative talents to make their entry on the market. In addition to funds, the Design program offers selected designers coaching and mentoring and the opportunity to present their work at trade fairs or exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad. The program focuses on the fields of fashion, product design, furniture, graphic and textile design.

This year’s projects impressed the jury by their motivation to challenge their disciplines and find innovative ways of solving problems. The jury has chosen 20 projects that offer poetic, yet user-centred approaches and combine social impact with elaborated market potential.

The selected projects in their respective category are:

Concept development funding

YAAY GmbH – «Visual Archive Exploration»

SAND – «Preliminary researches on design vocabulary and function for a womenswear brand»

Fabien Roy – «Risoux»

Romain Cazier, Tancrède Ottiger – «concept for a variable type foundry» »

Studio Pararaum – «Rock Skin – a design process towards geological empathy»

Hors Pistes – «SINGAPORE 2020»


Prototype development funding

WormUp GmbH – «WormUp HOME 2nd GEN – worm-composting for all»

Anna Heck – «Rapid Chair»

Jonathan Vallin + REHAssist EPFL – «LegoPress-Rehabilitation System»

Panter&Tourron – «TENSE SOFA»
The jury comments: This project is characterised by an outstanding balance of construction, aesthetic, sustainable thinking and market potential”

Carolien Niebling – «The Sausage 2.0»

Production funding

Project Circleg – «Appropriate lower-limb prosthetic system»
The jury comments: Behind Project Circleg is a dedicated team that works with an interdisciplinary approach in order to make artificial limbs not only modular and reusable but also available for those who need it the most. With a great social impact, they show innovative spirit in finding new ways of production.

Varia Instruments GmbH – «Production of a high-end DJ mixer for club use»


Project extension funding

Collective Swallow – «Collection 06 BROT PAIN PANE PAUN Production»

Nina Yuun – Grant for Project Extension (International PR

The jury comments: We are struck by the design process of this project, including a collaboration abroad that is fruitful for all parties and the designer’s presence in all stages of the supply chain. The designer shows heart in elaborating a fresh way of communication, branding and sales strategy.

Florence Tétier – «Tétier Bijoux»

Garçoa – communication package

NIU – Revision of visual appearance

(Press release/RAN)