Prix Strategis: finalists buckle up for the finale


The Jury of Prix Strategis 2020 has selected the five finalist start-ups that will further compete for the CHF 50'000 award prize. The venue and date of the award ceremony is yet to be determined.



The annual Prix Strategis award recognises and bestows CHF 50'000 on to the most outstanding Swiss startup. Following the recent selection round, the jury together with experts has identified five startup companies that demonstrated a high degree of innovation, growth potential and robust operations management. The finalists will proceed to the final round to compete for the prize money.

The five finalists are:

PXL Vision - provides leading solutions for the automation and enhancement of online identity verification and customer onboarding through tailored software solutions powered by the latest developments in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Customers include Sunrise and SwissSign with the SwissID.

9T LabsThe ETH Zurich spin-off aims at delivering industrial-grade continuous carbon fibre 3D-printed composites through the seamless combination of automated software, 3D-printing and post-processing solution. The 3D-printer enables users to print industry-grade lightweight carbon composites thereby simplifying the use of high-performance materials.

SUN Bioscience - is enabling personalized medicine through patient-specific organoids cultured on SUN’s proprietary high-throughput 3D microwell platform. Organoids are self-organizing 3D miniature tissues with organ-mimicking functions that are grown from stem cells. They are powerful human in vitro models for assessing pharmaceutical efficacy and toxicity early on in drug development.

Microcaps - developed a special device and technology for the production of microparticles and microcapsules used to protect active materials, such as drugs in medicine and fragrances in creams. The startup's solution offers precise dosing, controlled release properties, and increased stability while being 1000x faster than the current industrial microencapsulation techniques which do not allow any control over the capsule size, leading to uncontrolled release profiles.

Pristem - offers affordable and robust new radiology solutions to emerging markets. Ist medical X-Ray technology, which has 3 pending patents, makes the digital system highly durable in the most challenging contexts while being very affordable, effective, easy and safe to use and maintain.

The Prix Strategis closing ceremony has been postponed to a further date.

(Press release / RAN)