Powerbank rentals become indispensable

Swiss startup Chimpy has been offering sustainable powerbanks-for-rent since its launch in 2013 – successfully. Available in more than 3000 retail stores across Europe including  900 Selecta vending machines, the startup has maintained steady growth, generating a few million Swiss francs in revenue every year.

With more than 40 employees today, Chimpy offers an eco-friendly powerbanks-sharing-service that allows anyone to access the devices at retail and convenience stores. The startup has built a network of more than 3000 pickup- and return points in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, France and Austria.

Recently, the startup signed a partnership with Selecta after months of testing the concept in the city of Zurich and Bern. Selecta will roll out the powerbanks in Switzerland’s 900 most frequently used vending machines. Selecta is a Food Tech company with a leading route-based, self-service distribution network in Europe, withWith an annual turnover of €1.0 billion and over 7100 employees. The newly added powerbanks to Selecta's vending machines can be borrowed for four Swiss francs, plus a deposit (15 Swiss francs) and returned at over 1,500 Chimpy sales outlets in Switzerland, including Valora’s k kiosk network. 

Being among the first companies that introduced a sharing system, Chimpy had a first-mover advantage with a sharing system that worked. Mirko Hofmann, Co-founder of Chimpy, also attributes the company’s success to its partners’ support which allowed for a fast-paced scaling and to its team. “We early on identified our strengths, and each of us focused on what we could do best. I am proud to have a team that shares the same vision,” says Hofmann. The team has enabled the company to generate constant revenue, sufficient to sustain its growth. According to Hofmann, the company has already generated a few million in revenue since launching, with records 6-figures monthly. Additionally, the company currently has 50 percent yearly organic growth.

As smartphone usage increases globally, Chimpy sees high potential for further growth. The company plans to strengthen its position in existing markets while continuing to contribute to the environment. In addition to offering a fully recyclable product powered by 100% renewable energy, the company has implemented an emissions-free logistics system supporting its mission of contributing to the transition toward 100% renewable energy and circular economy while becoming a carbon-negative energy distributor.