Plug and play Basel welcomes its first cohort

Seven startups have joined Switzerland’s recently launched Plug and Play accelerator program. In addition to workshops and mentoring, the startups will get access to investors, potential partners and customers. The program will culminate in an EXPO day in August to present their solutions.

In November last year, Plug and Play, a globally renowned accelerator with over 60 locations, opened another office in Switzerland with a location in Basel. With the region’s long-standing industrial tradition, the program opens opportunities to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing between corporate organisations and technology startups.

The program’s corporate partners identify their challenges based on which they determine the sectors and startups to apply to the program, as explained by Daniela Bar-Gera, Head of Plug and Play Basel. Plug and Play Switzerland is partnering with Uptown Basel for the first batch.

The Plug and Play team scouted over 20 startups, of which 12 were invited to pitch at the launch and selection day event in March 2022.  Seven were selected to enter the three-month program as the Batch 0 cohort. The startups will collaborate with Uptown Basel while benefiting from workshops to enhance their pitching skills and networking events to meet potential investors and partners. Plug and Play collaborates with other innovation ecosystem players, such as StartupINVEST, and others for training and workshops. The startups will present their solutions during the Play Basel Batch 0 Expo on 25 August to conclude the program.

The startups in the Batch 0 cohort are:

Pipra (Switzerland), 2019 – developed a CE-certified AI-based pre-operative test to assess a patient’s risk of suffering from cognitive disorders after surgery. The platform is already launched and used by four hospitals already.

Allindex (Switzerland), 2018 – offers a revolutionary Direct Indexing as a Service: Multi-asset, especially for thematic & ESG investments. The company operates globally with founding partners based in San Francisco, New York, Basel, Zurich and Mumbai.

InterAx Biotech (Switzerland), 2016 – connects biology, mathematical modelling and AI to accelerate drug discovery. The platform is already used by partners such as Lundbeck, Boehringer Ingelheim and GPCR Therapeutics.

Scailyte (Switzerland), 2017 – is developing artificial intelligence technology to enable precision medicine and early detection of complex diseases.

InSilicoTrials (Italy), 2016 – built a web-based platform that provides user-friendly computational modelling and a simulation environment where many integrated, easy-to-use in-silico tools are readily available.

Eyepick (Paris) – builds software to control industrial robots based on video feeds.

Yoranimaging (Israel), 2016 – developed Yoran Imaging’s Process Analytical Monitoring to allow companies to create real-time data in 4D to reveal and commend every step of their heat-sealing process.

Photo: Plug and Play Basel Launch event