Oxara starts commercialising its construction admixture technology

After successful pilot projects, Oxara has launched its admixture technology in the market to enable the sustainable production of cement-free concrete. The company’s facility in Dietikon has the capacity to produce 300 tonnes of admixtures per year.

Based in Zurich, Oxara has been dedicated to transforming the construction industry, which accounts for around 30% of global CO2 emissions, 1/3 of global energy consumption and 50% of waste generated. The startup developed and patented a cement-free chemical mixture that turns excavation waste into eco-friendly building materials. These can be used to produce cement-free concrete, for walls, floors and cast elements and cement-free unfired bricks and blocks, for conventional masonry walls. The products allow for reusing the excavation material and construction waste, thus ensuring a high level of recyclability. The company’s sustainable additives and binders are ChemV registered.

Since its founding in 2019, the startup has completed four pilot projects using its technology: the construction of a Cleancrete Pavilion in Geneva, a Cleancrete Wall in a Portuguese Guesthouse, SBB Mobility Elements at Zurich & Basel Mainstation, and a Cleancrete Floor Church auf der Egg in Wollishofen.

Having validated the solution and demonstrating its viability and impact, Oxara is officially launching three products in its admixtures and binders assortment in the market: Oxacrete Solutions comprising Oxacrete Care and Oxacrete Nossim, and Oxabrick Solutions with the product Oxabrick Loko.

At its premises in Dietikon, Oxara has the capacity to produce 300 tonnes of admixtures per year and thanks to its Swiss outsourcing partner, the startup can produce up to 50'000 tonnes of admixture per year. “Since less than 10% of admixture is needed to mix Cleancrete and Cleanblocks, this equals about 500'000 tonnes of Cleancrete or Cleanblocks”, explains Leonie Isler, Communication Manager at Oxara.

As the startup enters the commercialization phase, additional funds are required to scale the business. To this day, it has obtained grants, award prizes and a convertible loan of CHF 1.25 million from business angels. The startup launched its Series A funding round earlier this year to raise CHF 10 million by the end of summer 2023. The funds will be used to industrialize the production of admixtures, accelerate market entry in India and East Africa, and grow the Oxara team and the national and international partner portfolio.

(Press release)