Over CHF 1.7 million invested in 19 innovative climate projects

The Swiss Climate Foundation provides funding support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Switzerland and Liechtenstein aiming to reduce CO2-Emissions. Of the CHF 2.4 million offered to climate protection projects in 2021, CHF 1.7 million went to supporting innovative projects of 19 companies. The annual report sheds light on the organisation’s activities.

The race for reaching net-zero emissions worldwide is on, with Switzerland and the municipality of Lichtenstein aiming to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. This major step involves decarbonising the entire industry, especially in the construction, materials, mobility and agriculture sectors. The participation of all players in politics, society and the entire economy is equally paramount. Since 2009, the Swiss Climate Foundation has been working with over 25 partner companies, to promote innovative impact-driven technologies and projects by SMEs and startups.

According to its 2021 annual report, the foundation won five new partners from large organisations and supported 104 individual projects last year alone, investing CHF 2.4 million, of which CHF 1.7 million went into 19 innovation projects. Following the expiration of the Energy efficiency programmes at the end of 2021, the foundation’s funds now will go exclusively to Swiss and Liechtenstein SMEs with innovation projects in an effort to fast track net-zero targets.

The following startups benefited from the foundation’s funding support.

Palindrome | Landquart, Chur| 2017 – customized radar, radiometry and signal processing solutions based on Software Defined Radio (SDR).

BS2 AG | Schaffhausen | 2004 – Web application for refurbishment strategies and a CO₂ reduction track for real estate portfolios.

Cyltronic | Winterthur | 2020 – patent-pending electric cylinder to support mechanical movements

Infrascreen | Neuchatel | 2019 – uses nanotechnology to produce smart materials for greenhouses.

Inergio | Lausanne | 2020 – flexible fuel cell electrical power generators.

Exergo | Sion |2018 – designs district heating and cooling network solutions

Aeroskin tech | Wädenswil, ZH| 2019 –the first cost-effective non-flammable ultra-high performance thermal insulation

Daphne Technology | Saint-Sulpice (VD) | 2017 –climate mitigation technology for the maritime industry.

Panatare | Saignelégier, Jura | 2012 – Leader in the recycling of stainless steel and titanium

Aquaero |Windisch, Aargau| 2014 – developed a pure steam drying technology for water harvesting from the air and dehumidification.

Inega |Basel-Landschaft|1985 – specialises in plant carbon and plant carbon substrates

Pyronet | Basel|2021 – heating systems that use wood to generate heat and produce plant charcoal along the way.

Miro Analytical | Zurich | 2018 – offer laser-based Gas Analyzers to authorities, scientists and companies

Regli Energy Systems | Opfikon, ZH | 2017 – eco-friendly heat pumps and smart software

Battery Consult |Meiringen, BE| 2008 – solar energy storage solution based on table salt

Methanology |Schaffhausen |2020 – built a system that converts carbon dioxide from ambient air under mild conditions into a high-value compound

OC Engineers |Lumnezia, Graubünden | 2018 – offers engineering services from the idea to the implementation in vehicle construction and mechanical engineering sectors.

Mobil in time |Thurgau|2007 – provides mobile energy systems in all shapes and sizes.

Upvolt | Basel | 2020 – specialises in upcycling and extending the service life of used lithium-ion batteries.