Over 230’000 users have a personal boutique with EyeFitU

EyeFitU, a shopping App that allows users to find their right sizes, continues to gain momentum. Since establishment the App has generated more than 230'000 downloads. Online shopping enthusiasts can look up clothes in their sizes from over 50 online stores in the UK, Germany, US and Switzerland. Isabelle Ohnemus CEO and founder provides more insights.

Traditionally, clothes are labelled using many different ad-hoc size systems including country-specific or vendor specific labels. Shoppers are confused about their size and measurements especially if they are shopping online. As a result a high share of online orders are returned, which is costly for the online stores and time-consuming for the shopper. In the effort to making online shopping simpler, fun and to reduce the number of items returned, Isabelle Ohnemus developed EyeFitU.

In 2015 the mobile App and online platform for EyeFitU were launched. The platform and app were designed to particularly help users, who have trouble finding their right sizes in online stores, to shop in their real size from different brands in a selected number of online shopping stores. EyeFitU filters all online offers according to the user’s size to provide a completely personalized shopping experience. Thus, the user benefits from a wide range of offers in their suitable sizes.

To-date, the EyeFitU app has registered over 230’000 downloads from both the Apple App store and from Google play store. More than 1’000’000 items are provided by more than 50 online stores from the United Kindom, Germany, United States and Switzerland.

Isabelle Ohnemus CEO and founder of EyeFitU is contented with this achievement. She says: “We have been approved by each of the online stores we are collaborating with, both single brand and multi-brand. We are an affiliate publisher of the 50 online stores meaning that we present their online offering to our users. The advantage for the user is that they have access to all these stores and brands in one place, in the right size. If a user is interested in buying clothing, we send them to the online store of our affiliate partners. Additionally, we recommend sizing from 200+ brands we believe our users are interested in.”

For the coming years Ohnemus believes to have attained a larger percentage of the e-commerce market: “We are tapping into a huge market with significant potential because so many mistakes and such dissatisfaction comes from this sizing issue. Within the next two to five years, tens of corporations, e-commerce brands and thousands of users will have endorsed EyeFitU’s solution so it has become a must have and an industry standard”, says Ohnemus.

EyeFitU has reached a number of milestones including the closing of the first financing round in which a sum of CHF 1.8M was raised. The startup is now halfway in the process of the second round which is anticipated to be completed in the third quarter of 2017. Additionally EyeFitU was selected a Europe Top 100 Company by Red Herring and was a finalist for Best App and Best use of innovation by Drapers Digital Awards 2017 in London. Last year, the startup secured itself the 3rd position at NOAH16 London start-up competition and will now be presenting at main stage at NOAH17 in Berlin in November.

Founding a startup comes with its challenges from which founders gather their experience. Ohnemus shares her lessons learned and advice: “It is important to get the right team together and share a vision of where we are going as a company. The most important lesson is to be humble and open-minded. With many realities and changes happening in the retail sector, you always have to be ready to learn, to steer your direction and be flexible. Another thing is the enthusiasm of challenging oneself, aiming always for better results.”