Orell Füssli acquires a stake in Procivis


Swiss security technology specialist Orell Füssli has acquired a stake in e-government solution provider Procivis. Within the framework of a strategic partnership, the two companies will jointly promote the development of trustworthy technologies in the fields of e-government and electronic identities.


Procivis offers a secure electronic identity platform, called “eID+”, which provides citizens with direct and trustworthy digital access to governmental and private servicesThe eID+-based electronic citizen ID for the Swiss Canton of Schaffhausen was successfully launched in June 2018.
The  has entered a strategic partnership with Orell Füssli, a Swiss security technology company that has been providing security solutions for the Swiss state and its citizens for more than 100 years – as a partner for the Swiss National Bank in the field of banknote printing or the Swiss Confederation in the production of the Swiss national passport and driving licence. In order to apply and further develop this leading know-how to the digital society, Orell Füssli has acquired a stake Procivis.
Within the framework of their strategic cooperation, Procivis will be able to benefit from Orell Füssli’s longstanding experience as a partner for governmental agencies. In addition, synergies and further potential for innovation will result at the intersection of the production of physical identification documents and electronic identities.
Procivis CEO Daniel Gasteiger said: “Orell Füssli is our partner of choice for the further development and dissemination of our e-government solutions. Orell Füssli’s unique know-how in the field of security technology and its position as a trusted partner for governmental agencies will allow us to drive forward Procivis’ ideas for secure and high-performance e-government with additional thrust.”
Orell Füssli CEO Daniel Link said: “Through the strategic partnership with Procivis, Orell Füssli is expanding its expertise in security technology with solutions for e-government and electronic identity. For Orell Füssli, this collaboration is a logical step to bring the company’s nearly 100 years of experience in security solutions for the state and its citizens into the digital society and to support it with innovative services.”

(Press release / RAN)