OPTIML secures CHF 1.5 pre-seed investment

Zurich-based OPTIML AG is building a software platform to enable sustainable real estate investment planning. The startup has received pre-seed capital of $1.6m (CHF 1.5m) from Silicon Valley and German investors. The funds will flow into building a team to launch the first web-based SaaS year.

Based on over four years of state-of-the-art engineering, sustainability, and policy research at ETH Zurich with multiple PhDs on the technology, co-founders of OPTIML, Evan Petkov (CEO) and Jordi Campos (CTO), are developing SaaS products based on optimization algorithms to generate intelligent low-cost and low-carbon investment strategies for existing buildings. Their end-to-end software platforms OPTIML-portfolio and OPTIML-Asset empower real estate and infrastructure owners to make smarter renovation decisions.

With OPTIMLasset, long-term strategies to 2050 can be developed for any unique building asset considering all aspects of renovations for asset and construction management. Minimal data input is required but the models can be leveraged with maximum customizability. Scaled to any number of buildings, OPTIML portfolio develops portfolio budgetary and CO2 pathways considering asset level granularity with minimal planning cost.

The novel data-driven approaches, scaled from the asset to portfolio level, enable increased productivity of up to 75%, up to 30% CO2 reduction and accuracy for multi-year planning. Founded in 2020, the platform has been tested in pilots with some of the largest building owners in Europe.

To accelerate development and launch the solution in the fall of this year, the startup has obtained fresh funds in a pre-seed investment round. Planet A Ventures from Berlin and Innovation Endeavors from San Francisco co-led the round, with early support from Zurich-based WSG AG. The funds will also enable the startup to expand its team to help achieve its targets, including the go-live.