OneVisage unveils First Passwordless Biometric Solution at SIBOS 2016

OneVisage unveiled at SIBOS 2016 in Geneva its 3DAuth PaaS platform. This is the first biometric authentification solution for mobile devices that is totally password-free for customers, co-workers and IT administrators. The solution opens new perspectives in fast growing industries such as fintech.

OneVisage, one of the leading 3D facial authentication companies developing breakthrough digital identity solutions for financial services and Identity and Access Management (IAM) providers, announced that its 3DAuth digital identity verification platform now provides a complete passwordless experience to users and IT administrators. The solution was unveiled Monday at SIBOS 2016 exhibition in Geneva.

“According to a PwC information security 2015 survey, current and former employees in financial services organizations still represent nearly two third (64%) of security incidents. As most of, not to say all, financial services companies rely on passwords or pin codes for handling their core application systems – even when biometric alternatives are in place - we realized how dangerous and inconsistent this situation is from a security angle.” said Christophe Remillet, CEO, OneVisage.

“As everybody knows, password systems are now broken. We are proud to unveil at SIBOS 2016 what seems to be the first authentication solution that totally eliminates passwords and pin-codes. Upon discussing with bank security managers and IT administrators, we realized the difficulty and pain for them to manage tens, even hundreds of passwords. But beside painful administrative tasks, “what you have” solutions such as passwords or security tokens create weak security points as well as non-repudiation issues that are very difficult to detect and overcome. Thanks to 3DAuth facial authentication platform, financial services can now protect themselves against internal threats while making important security cost savings.” said Christophe Remillet, CEO, OneVisage.

OneVisage is a leading cyber-security company founded in 2013 with offices in Lausanne and Zurich. The startup enables financial services, Identity and Access Management providers and mobile operators to reduce identity theft and transaction abandonments. OneVisage was among the Red Herring 2015 Top 100 Europe startups, CTIA Startup Lab 2015 - Identity Management Winner and Edison Awards 2016 – Gold winner in category “ICT security”. The company is also a member of the FIDO alliance and European Association for Biometrics (EAB)