OneTwenty secures first funding to launch AI diabetes technology

OneTwenty AG, a medtech startup offering a diabetes management platform, has closed its first financing round led by renowned health technology VC Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures. The investment will propel the commercialisation of its AI-driven algorithms that enhance the functionality of diabetes devices.

Diabetes is a major global problem requiring continuous innovation to support patients living with the disease. OneTwenty from Zurich is on a mission to elevate diabetes care. The startup has developed AI-driven algorithms that enhance the functionality of diabetes devices such as insulin pumps, smart pens, and blood glucose sensors, creating a closed-loop system that makes managing diabetes easier and more effective, as it makes sense of the body’s unique and complex responses to daily life, medication, and stress.

With bioX, the startup has built a proprietary technology that stands as the first in the market capable of navigating the intricacies of human metabolism, offering an autonomous and streamlined approach to diabetes management. bioX® has been built with more than 4.4 Million CGM hours collected during clinical studies from in-silico populations and people who donated their everyday data to build a better future together. The lightweight hardware can be deployed directly to SoCs for maximized system autonomy, while computational-intensive tasks can be offloaded to a connected handheld, smartphone or the cloud and update the system periodically or on push.

Dr. Julian Stiels, CTO and co-founder of OneTwenty, emphasizes the transformative impact of their work: “Daily management of diabetes is a challenging task, often hindered by the rigorous demands of tracking and adjusting to the body's dynamic needs. Our advanced machine learning solutions demystify the body's responses to daily activities, medication and stressors, offering a new era of truly personalized diabetes care.”

With the closing of its first funding round, OneTwenty has strengthened its position to fuel the commercialization of its autonomous, next-gen closed-loop system. The funds will also facilitate the execution of integration projects with its market-leading medtech and pharmaceutical partners. Following a series of successful pilot projects in 2023, the company has recently actively engaged with industry leaders to establish long-term licensing agreements. 

Alongside lead investor VC Dieter von Holtzbrinck Ventures, Tiny Supercomputer Investment Company and seasoned angel investor and diabetes care manager Tim Juergens made notable contributions. Prior to the round, OneTwenty was funded by the founders’ initial capital and early revenue streams. 

"The confidence placed in us by DvH Ventures, Tiny, and Tim Juergens, especially in a year witnessing a significant two-digit downturn in health tech investment, is a testament to the potential of our solutions. We've doubled our team post-investment and are accelerating our growth trajectory to meet the increasing demand for our innovative technology,” said Michael Rottmann, CEO and co-founder of OneTwenty. 

(Press release/RAN)Photo: OneTwenty co-founders l-r: Michael Rottmann and Julian Stiels