Oncobit joins forces with Immunocore

Schlieren-based medtech startup Oncobit has signed a service agreement with U.K.-based biotech company Immunocore for better therapy response analysis in clinical trials. The partnership enables the Swiss startup to validate its platform to advance therapy response analysis in clinical trials. 

Oncobit is a medtech spin-off from the University Hospital of Zurich, that has developed a scalable and data-driven cancer monitoring platform based on a unique combination of proprietary digital PCR assays and software. Its products aim to provide a detailed understanding of genomic cancer alterations throughout the patient’s treatment history. By quantifying specific cancer markers in liquid biopsy, Oncobit aims to optimize therapy management and improve cancer care in a cost and time efficient manner. The startup offers ctDNA analysis as a commercial service to partners in the pharmaceutical, life science or clinical sectors. Oncobit has obtained regulatory approval for its first product focused on melanoma in Europe.The startup has signed a service agreement with UK-based Immunocore, a leading T cell receptor (TCR) company that engineers novel bispecific drugs called ImmTAX (Immune Mobilizing Monoclonal TCRs Against X disease) molecules, that function like human TCRs. These ImmTAX are designed to support the natural immune system overcome its limitations, thus increasing the chances of therapeutical success. The initial phase of this collaboration aims to validate the efficacy of the Oncobit PM digital PCR platforms and establish the tests as a tool for quantifying therapy response in clinical trials. By incorporating Oncobit's ctDNA analysis of clinical samples into Immunocore's clinical trials, the partnership aims to improve and understand circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) analysis as a reliable and real-time therapy response marker in clinical trials. While Oncobit has carried out several commercial projects in the past, this one with Immunocore is the first project with their cancer monitoring platform Oncobit PM. 

Dr. Claudia Scheckel, CEO of Oncobit, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: "We are excited to collaborate with Immunocore, a company that shares our vision for innovation in pioneering cancer care. By contributing to such studies, we are proud to work towards our goal of improving patient outcomes with high-precision and cutting-edge cancer monitoring solutions.” 

Collaboration with Klaipeda University Hospital

This announcement comes after the company’s partnership with the National Cancer Institute and Klaipeda University Hospital in Lithuania for the BIOMELKID study aiming to identify predictive and prognostic biomarkers in metastatic melanoma patients undergoing immunotherapy. The organisations have a shared goal to unlock the secrets of circulating tumor DNA to better understand disease progression and treatment response. Professor Vincas Urbonas and his team at the NCI are leading this impactful project focused on the study of ctDNA in melanoma patients. 

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