O2 beats the boredom with AirConsole


O2, and AirConsole, a Swiss gaming console company, announced a new partnership today. O2 offers a month of free AirConsole Hero to all their Priority Customers.


Ten days after the announcement of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the lockdown continues in the UK. While everyone is still adapting to these unprecedented measures, O2 has decided to provide the UK with a "Beat the Boredom" program to help everyone cope with these challenging times. As part of this offering, O2 partnered up with AirConsole, the rising star in casual gaming to provide fun to families in the UK.

AirConsole is a cloud based video game console that is accessible from every home using a computer or a smart TV. Smartphones are used as gamepads so that anyone can play without buying additional hardware. The platform provides a casual and social gaming experience, reminding users of the fun nights playing on traditional consoles, such as Nintendo 64 or Nintendo Wii. 

"We're fans of the innovative and hardware-free concept of AirConsole. It instantly provides the whole household a moment of fun and distraction during this difficult time," says Scott McGregor, Innovation Lead at O2.

This move comes a few days after the gaming company announced the release of a screen sharing feature allowing users to play with or against each other from their respective couches.

"We are thrilled to announce this partnership with O2 in the UK, a company that shares our vision of connecting people together and providing a social experience," claims Anthony Cliquot, COO at AirConsole. "In these challenging times it is every company's responsibility to adapt their offering, and we are proud to partner up with O2 to entertain people in the UK with our games during the lockdown," says Cliquot.

AirConsole was established in 2015 in Zurich, Switzerland. Founded by Ex-Google Tech-Lead and ETH Zurich Alumnus Andrin von Rechenberg, the company quickly rose to fame by overcoming the previously unsolved challenge of latency when playing cloud-based games. More than 4,500 developers globally have co-created games that have been published on AirConsole, which in return have been consumed by more than 6 million players from 190+ countries.

(Press release / SK)