Nvidia acquires Animatico

Founded in 2019, Animatico is an ETH Spinoff that leverages AI characters to help brands and retailers provide their customers with next-generation experiences through stylized AI avatars. According to research by Startupticker, Animatico has been acquired by US Tech company Nvidia. Some employees announced new roles in their parent company.

The Animatico Avatar Experience platform allows creative agencies to create and deploy avatar projects fast and efficiently. To achieve this, Animatico combines voice technology with machine learning-driven character animations to create a truly intuitive and seamless way of interacting with digital devices. Its avatars guide, hear and see the users and react to the users’ voice, gestures, and expressions with an appropriate verbal, nonverbal, and visual reaction.

The technology enables exciting new customer service use cases and vast automation opportunities, ranging from the retail to hospitality and event markets. The company has previously enabled projects such as TOM by Hotelplan, a new platform developed by Animatico’s long term partner TMI. TOM went live in December 2021 in the shopping centre Shoppyland in Schönbühl. GET Local also partnered with Animatico to launch virtual concierge Vincent as a taxi avatar at the lobby of CitizenM in Zurich. During the fall 2021 season, Vincent booked up to 100 taxis each month for guests staying at the hotel.

For a few weeks now, Animatico has been part of the Nvidia family. The startup has been acquired as confirmed by CEO Pascal Berard to Startupticker, however, details of the deal remain undisclosed. Some of the startup’s team have joined the new company. Former CEO Berard is now the Director Avatar AI at Nvidia Chief Business development Office Sven Naef took over the role of Senior Program Manager Avatars, co-founder Christian Schüller is now a Senior System Software Engineer, Digital Artist Benjamin Andermatt retains his role and co-founder Riccardo Roveri assumed the role of Senior Software Engineer, Avatar AI.

Nvidia is a global corporation manufacturing graphics processors, mobile technologies, and desktop computers. With over 22’470 employees, the company operates through the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and Tegra Processor segments.