Nuuro reshapes eating habits with AI

Zurich-based startup Nuuro is transforming the landscape of personalized nutrition with its innovative AI-powered meal recommendation app aimed at simplifying nutritional choices. The newly launched app now allows individuals to scan menus in various languages and make informed decisions about their meals. Supported by Genesis Ventures, the startup is set to expand its reach and enhance its technology for a global audience.

Nutrition has never been as complicated as it is today. According to a 2022 McKinsey & Company study, the start-up emphasizes that nearly 50% of consumers struggle daily with making informed and sustainable decisions around food. The conflicting information individuals consume has led to mass confusion, and it has become almost impossible for people to keep up to date with the latest nutritional advice. This is where Nuuro steps in. The newly founded startup wants to simplify everyone's daily food choices by using artificial intelligence (AI).

Nuuro's AI-driven platform offers a health tool as a personal food companion, with an intelligent, user-friendly interface that eliminates all guesswork. It evaluates individual dietary preferences, health conditions, and even the user’s current mood to generate ideal meal recommendations. In addition, Nuuro will provide access to a personal AI food expert to answer nutrition-related questions and build personalised health-conscious recipes with easy delivery of ingredients for cooking at home.

The startup’s business model combines a B2B2C approach, integrating direct user subscriptions with collaborative alliances encompassing nutritional experts, clinical advisors, restaurants, and supermarkets. This strategic blend facilitates a comprehensive network of support and accessibility in the field of personalised nutrition.

The four-head team has come a long way since its incorporation in July 2023. An Innosuisse-funded project with the University of Lucerne allowed the team to enhance the AI algorithms within the app while the partnership with Foodward provided access to research institutions and partners for future nutritional innovations.

Early adopters
Nuuro's early adoption phase includes a partnership with Aveato Catering, Germany's "Caterer of the Year" 2023, to simplify and enhance client food choices. The collaboration includes the integration of QR codes into buffet setups, introducing a new approach to dining. The startup is also in talks with a major food provider operating over 200 outlets in Switzerland. The Nuuro app, capable of scanning menus in multiple languages, is available in the Apple Store and soon also on Google Play.

Genesis backs Nuuro
Genesis Ventures has recognised Nuuro's potential, selecting it from 150 startups for its accelerator program and funding support. Genesis Ventures is a new angel co-investment fund providing pre-seed/seed capital and hands-on support to early-stage founders in Greece and Southeast Europe. Nuuro benefits from this offer, thanks to its co-founder Dimitris Messinis' Greek heritage and passion for entrepreneurial development. “Through his work at Mindspace, which he founded, Dimitris has helped cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among Greek youth and is passionate about fostering the growth of startups in Greece. His commitment to supporting emerging talent and fostering the startup ecosystem in Greece is a cornerstone of Dimitris' ethos. In addition, our operational presence in Greece through a subsidiary strengthens our ties to the region and the investment criteria of the Genesis program”, explained Claudia Hilti, co-founder and CEO of Nuuro.

Photo: Nuuro Co-fouders Dimitris Messinis (CTO) and Claudia Hilti (CEO)