Numerous Swiss startups among Solar Impulse's 1000+ sustainable solutions

Bertrand Piccard and the Solar Impulse Foundation have officially surpassed their target of identifying and awarding 1000 clean and profitable solutions with the Solar Impulse Label. More than 1100 solutions worldwide have received the Label. 

The Solar Impulse Foundation, led by explorer and psychiatrist Bertrand Piccard, has passed the mark of 1000+ identified solutions to protect the environment in a financially profitable way. By giving political and economic decision-makers the tools to adopt much more ambitious energy and environmental policies, the Foundation will help them set a roadmap to reach their carbon neutrality goals before 2050. 

More than 1100 Solutions have received the Solar Impulse Label. The solutions encompass technologies, products, processes or services from companies and startups for the sectors such as water, energy, construction, mobility, industry and agriculture. With the goal achieved, the Foundation will organise the Solutions under a Solutions Guide early this summer that allows individuals, businesses, and governments to find and implement concrete solutions at scale.

The following Swiss startups joined the 1000+ solutions portfolio this year.

Miraex | Photonics sensing solution – Based on Miraex’s proprietary photonics sensors and machine learning, the solution enables advanced predictive maintenance, asset monitoring and anomaly detection, specifically in extreme environments. 

Ponera | IoT enabled Modular pallets – A smart, modular and digitally-enabled solution, which can be assembled to reach any size. It facilitates circular logistics, guaranteeing full flexibility, and high convenience to the users.

bNovate | BactoSense – The BactoSense device automatically detects in less than 30 min all bacteria in water directly from the process via a single sampling tube. When placed at the entry of the plant, the device acts as an early warning system in case of abnormal microbial conditions.

Clean Air Enterprise AG | Smart E-filter – Clean Air is the leading company for improving the air condition in energy dense buildings. With Smart E-Filter technology, existing ventilation systems can generate practically particulate-free and ozone-free indoor air.

Mosan | The Circular Sanitation Solution – The Mosan solution is a decentralised, off-grid, in-home, and waterless service for people in densely populated settlements. The service ensures safe containment, transport and transformation of human excreta. 

Clemap | Clemap offers energy analytics, energy portals, and electricity metering solutions to provide warnings, optimisation, and real-time monitoring.

Cortexia | Clean & sustainable cities – The solution supports cities in managing their sanitation department by providing accurate and real-time monitoring of urban cleanliness.

Ecco Solutions AG | ECCO2 Cumulus Sense – a predictive heating control saving up to 20% of energy consumption and CO2 emissions. The system docks onto almost any type of existing heating, increasing the system's performance. 

NeoCarbons | CO2 Recycling Technology is a cost-effective and sustainable solution to recycling CO2 into valuable products for the food and chemical industry. The solution consists of a system that recycles efficiently and in real-time industrial loads of CO2 by farming microalgae (industrial photosynthesis), the cheapest and fastest CO2 sink, with a high productivity per unit, footprint and time. 

Ennos | Solar pump – founded in 2016 as a spin-off of Berne University of Applied Sciences, Ennos developed the sunlight pump, a portable solar-powered water pump for smallholder irrigation and drinking water supply.

Bibou’tic | Maternity & Baby clothing Rental – founded in 2017 Bibou’tic wants to extend baby and maternity clothes' lifespan by allowing mothers to rent them to reduce over-consumption waste.