Numbrs attracts Israeli billionaire as investor


With a net worth of $1.56 billion the self-made billionaire Marius Nacht, is investing a proportion of his money in Numbrs, a European banking app. Nacht joins Numbrs' circle of investors, bringing its total funding raised to CHF150m.


Marius Nacht is the co-founder and Chairman of the largest company in Israel, Check Point Software Technologies where he wrote the original code for cybersecurity. Nacht is also a co-founded aMoon Fund, a healthtech and life sciences venture fund. Nacht is now extending his investment focus to the financial sector. The investment in Numbrs hence brings him to the heart of technology and innovation in the sector.

“I think that both the financial sector and the health care sector are about to witness a major technological change and Numbrs has the potential to benefit from this process”, said Nacht.

Numbrs, a Zurich based data-driven asset-management company operating as a personal financial services company. The company developed a mobile banking platform, used by millions of active users today. Advanced technologies such as machine learning are powering the company’s effort to improve its customers’ personal finances.

The platform enables customers to manage their existing bank accounts and personal finances, and cooperates with leading financial services institutions including the Deutsche Bank Group to provide superior products at the best possible price to its clients. As of 2018, Numbrs aggregated EUR 7.2bn in assets on its platform, growing over EUR 1bn in Q4 2017.

The technology firm has attracted a number of investors, including the Sovereign Wealth Fund of Dubai (ICD), Sir Ronald Cohen (co-founder of APAX Partners) and Pierre Mirabaud (founding family of Mirabaud Private Bank). Over the last three years, the startup has also established a strong Israeli shareholder base; among the leading names are Leon Recanati, Shlomo Nehama, Israel Makov and Boaz Barack.

(Press release/RAN)