Novel technologies for big corporates

Swiss startups are delivering their solutions to large companies including banks, government bodies, insurance and IT companies. While some deals enable companies to reach their net zero targets, others seek to strengthen security in data sharing and authentication as well as enhance customer experience.

Climeworks’ direct air capture and storage, has become a popular solution for companies with ambitious net-zero targets. Among them are companies such as PWC Switzerland, which signed a 9-year carbon removal contract with Climeworks, as part of its net zero by 2030 strategy. The startup will help the auditing and consulting firm to remove part of its unavoidable emissions. Likewise, the startup inked a 10-year agreement with UBS to help it scale the carbon removal industry.

Complementing its agreement with Climeworks, UBS also joined forces with Neustark to further reduce its carbon footprint and support the development of scalable solutions that the world needs to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, as explained by Suni Harford, UBS Group Executive Board lead for Sustainability and Impact and President Asset Management. Neustark extracts CO2 from the air and stores it permanently in recycled concrete, thus cutting new emissions by reducing the use of cement.

Decentriq wins deal with Goldbach
Using confidential computing and other technologies, Decentriq offers data clean rooms to enable companies to collaborate with external partners such as advertisers and marketers on sensitive datasets while enabling trust and privacy. The Zurich-based startup has now won Goldbach as a customer, which combines Decentriq’s data rooms technology with Matto-Group’s technology for demographic targeting without third-party cookies to design a cookieless alternative solution for advertising targeting. The first campaigns have already been implemented. Decentriq's underlying technology meets the highest data protection and security standards. Confidential computing on Swiss servers guarantees maximum data security.

INTER Insurance integrates Pathmate’s Manoa
Following its participation in the InsurLab Accelerator, Pathmate Technologies has entered a partnership with health insurance company INTER Versicherungsgruppe, which will integrate the startup's solution Manoa. Manoa is a digital coach that supports people in dealing with high blood pressure and motivates them to reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease. The data-driven coaching is based on the findings of behavioural psychology and state-of-the-art technologies and is individually tailored to the needs, state of health, and preferences of the user:inside. This enables Manoa to competently and empathically address the personal situation of users, motivate them optimally and provide personalized recommendations. Manoa is constantly evolving, getting to know its users better and better, so that it can tailor its support even more precisely to their needs. Besides Inter, other companies such as Barmenia and Gothaer Krankenversicherung also integrated Manoa last year.

Tech5 supports South African Law Enforcement
A partnership with South Africa’s Barizma Solutions will see TECH5’s technology used to support law enforcement activities in the country. Barizma will integrate TECH5‘s contactless face and fingerprint scanning technologies into its Mobile Sheriff and INTELLI-ID platforms. Mobile Sheriff, Barizma’s flagship solution, is aimed at helping traffic officers to identify vehicles and motorists. Thanks to the partnership, the platform will integrate T5-AirSnap, which enables officers to perform contactless scans of drivers’ fingerprints using an Android tablet. The fingerprint images can then be transmitted to the Home Affairs National Identity System (HANIS) database for identity verification. Similarly, T5-AirSnap support will facilitate biometric matching via HANIS through Barizma’s INTELLI-ID solution. Both solutions will be used to support not only law enforcement agents but also those of State-Owned Entities when performing identity checks against South Africa’s national identity database. The partnership’s announcement comes after Contactable, another South African identity solutions provider, integrated TECH5’s AirSnap Face solution into its platform earlier this year.

CollectID delivers NFC immersive fan experience to 1. FC Köln
IoT leader Identiv, Inc has partnered with collectID to deliver a near-field communication (NFC)-enabled immersive fan experience for German football club 1. FC Köln. The activation leverages Identiv's NFC life-of-garment tags to provide fans with enhanced real-time match-day access to exclusive digital content. Fans of the football club who purchased a special ticket to the recent home match, nicknamed the "Innovation Game," against Italian Club AC Milan were given a team scarf with an embedded NFC tag to customize their own stadium experience. The digitized scarf can take the place of a conventional or mobile ticket, provide entry to the stadium, and let users access exclusive real-time digital content during a match and receive offers and rewards.

(Press release/RAN)