Novel facial protection for healthcare personnel supported by FIT


In view of the current Covid-19 crisis, Helvitek Labs modified its activities, moving from anti-pollution masks to supplying health care personnel with novel facial structures to prevent injuries caused by prolonged use of respiratory masks. The start-up based at EPFL has obtained a special FIT Tech Seed loan of CHF 100’000.


For more than a year, Helvitek Labs has been conceiving a new type of high-end anti-pollution mask. Founded by Théo-Tim Denisart and Roberto Costa, the start-up obtained the support of InnoSuisse, won the StartLausanne competition and received a YGrant from EPFL.

By reacting quickly to the current situation and on the strength of their field experience, the Helvitek Labs team will be able to produce and supply the first specimens of the facial structure in medical elastomer in the upcoming weeks. The structure improves the seal and prevents rashes, bruises or injuries to the face caused by prolonged use of FFP2/N95 masks.

“The reactivity and flexibility of our partners allowed us to develop and industrialise this solution in record time. Notably by the joined work of our design team BMCO based in Zürich, professor Bruno Bürgisser from the School of Engineering and Architecture of Fribourg and Inov3 our industrialisation partner based in Lausanne.”

“The FIT loan allows us to realise our project with extremely short deadlines: the loan will be used for both the industrialisation and the production of our first products, and to cover the cash requirement of a company in its start-up phase”, explains Théo-Tim Denisart, CEO and co-founder of Helvitek Labs. The start-up could also provide a solution for the private sector at the end of the crisis or in case of an extended lockdown.

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